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  1. No offence intended.. but i dont think kills in the swamp is impressive atm :unknw: I Vote for cease fire in the swamps.. hard enough, let alone killing each other.
  2. Im still running old routes and found that they are working still. Just remember what i have found out so far, there is two routes per map.. only one way out of the two works. If you have found any different path to my double route maps, let me know and please provide direction. Will do :good:
  3. Best tips so far from people is to push mobs into the obelisks.. i dont like to do it to mc's cause karma has a nasy way of biting me back :blush: As example: I found myself spawning on top of some stairs at a blue slime map ( 1 hit wonder ones ) and accidently :pleasantry: used scatter on a mc and pushed him down the stairs to his doom. Now karma while i was area chat laughing at this mc's misfortune, the blue slime took the advantage of my misdirected attention to sneak up the stairs and kill me :blush: . Lol funny moments, wish i was recording my screen at the time. Thanks for the info btw cool, ill suss that out :good:
  4. I Got pliskin's ranger nessah ;D Set it up bro i wanna fight :spiteful:
  5. Even if they change each day.. all we can do is place up the route when we find them to help others ;) place them up as you find them guys.. we are but learning what this place is all about. On the record " this place is mental, a new location which requires you to wear a straight jacket to understand it "
  6. Actually they dont change everytime. Ihave ran these courses several times over to make sure. So far each map only has two courses and they are either random changes between the two, or entirely diferent maps but with a slightly different layout. But what would i know for sure.. thats for the devs to answer.
  7. Working it out now. Every maze has a twin lol. Here's maze 5 ( still working on its twin ) Please take note that there is slight differences to tell them apart. as an example this map here has two obelisks on the bottom middle, the twin map does not. But hard to see them though til your dead :lol:
  8. Well apparently there is 2 of each map.. from what i gather :facepalm: Again, follow the orange line for the alter route.
  9. Here's an example of my confusion. Same map.. yet only this new path ( Orange line following off of blue ) is the only way through. :facepalm: map 3 still the same though. O.o
  10. Ok now im confused lol. There is two thing possible here: 1: There is duplicate mazes. 2: The Obelisks are randomly changes once in a while. I have been running these mazes and watching others succeed, by running with these directions. Now those directions are void ( Unless its option 1 ) Lol and we thought this was gonna be easy.
  11. In the middle of making new ones now. ;) EDIT: The rest i have.. so far :blush:
  12. NOTICE: This topic has been updated via another. plz visit: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=77398.0 Thank you. :)
  13. Me: Chosen: "Im bored... wheres my sun glasses? Its so bright" Mountain clan: "Omg kill me, my legs feel like they gonna drop off" Forsaken: "Ok im bored yet again, but this place looks great.... O.o i want that book" Firstborn: "What the hell!? Im done already?" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. OMG yes.. i agree with most of this. :yahoo: I Dont mind helping out newbies once in a while. We all know and remember what its like to be low lvl. please, take note of things said on here. :good:
  15. Check out the tavern section on forum for clan listings and clan threads. Read them up.. ask the members or clan leaders what you need to know and happy choosing. If you are stuck on bosses shout out in trade chat, sometimes there is willing people to help. But the best advice is to make friends. Good luck :good:
  16. This is the best advice we have to give you :lol: In my opinion, rouge is the most fun class in ws. Loving the sneak skill ;D nothing like walking through elf towns unscathed. Welcome to warspear. The Fun really begins on the second island :good:
  17. I reckon things should be kept simple. As an example: Purchase "Bounty notice" > Place name > place reward amount ( payed in advance ) > then placed upon Bounty listings ( Just like the market system ). If bounty not complete within time frame the reward is returned via mail. If succeeded, mail notification. Purchase "Bounty ticket" > Choose target ( 1 bounty target per ticket ) > added to quest list > kill target > recieve reward via mail. If failed to kill target within time frame the bounty is void. The Main question of having it this way though is should the hunter be able to complete the bounty while in party. Should it: Be kept solo? In pt and collect reward? In pt = Shared reward? Another would be.. should the victim be notified of the proposed bounty? This way though there is no lvl caps.. it might prove interesting to see what people will do to achieve to kill their target. Again, great idea Ice. Would make a great way to earn an income. :good:
  18. best bet is that i wont last long ;D
  19. Customer relations need improving aigrind. A properly informed customer is a happy customer. Or maybe they just dont care :unknw:
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