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  1. Ill throw an in-game one for you.. Maybe a party attacking beholder. To make it interesting, a parallel picture.. with one side being an instance of elf attacking and the opposite side being another instance with mc. Hope thats not confusing.. but it would make a picture for the history album. I Miss beholder... :cray:
  2. Here's me picking the most pixelated one i could find ;D
  3. hmm have i mentioned once or twice before?... i spent 800+ signs for +10 arena bow. Three quarters of that amount was spent to amp +6 to +7. Delete chars due to a bad amplification system that will never change for the better? Not a good move. Always keep any chars regardless of situation. Money, time and effort wasted on a delete on which most will regret. Speaking from xp. Even when you plan or do retire :crazy: . Oh fyi.. its near impossible to stay away from this game :lol: look at me.. retired and still visiting forum and friends in-game once in a while.
  4. Agreed.. all i got was 2 lvl5 items out of 11 sets of bags :bad: ... and the quest for collecting pumkin? 2x rings so far.. 1 lvl5 and 1 lvl10 mage ring on mc. I was really disapointed that there wasnt any new costumes up on mshop :cray:
  5. I Feel its time for me to retire. This will be my second time to leave the game, i am not sure if I will return but this time i shall not delete my chars. I will be keeping them under lock and key. I made the mistake of deleting my chars last time just after lab update, and found myself regretting it. So here I am finding myself saying goodbye to my friends, we had a great time :friends: . To those I dont know or not know well for i was a fairly quiet player... i wish you luck. I may yet see you guys in the future. I Never took many snapshots but heres a few memories.
  6. Very bad rewards for a quest that requires you to collect so much.
  7. The Adventures of boredborn on Ru amber ;D One step ahead of you.. boredborn has visited Vn and Ru server. :lol: Can you guess where i am in this pic? :tease:
  8. Disturbed and Metallica are at the top of my favorites. But if you looked at my playlist.. you will see a bit of everything from every genre of music. ;D Disturbed - Im alive. One of my favorite anime's in this video :blush:
  9. EU and US are down. RU is going strong. :facepalm:
  10. I Know the feeling. especially when i was running for my life through pumkins just as the server stopped.... think im dead much? :lol:
  11. Blueborn

    Crimson quest

    One thing i must say. We need more CC quests. It can take days for our current ones to respawn.
  12. It was annoying me.. i had to figure it out :crazy:
  13. Uugh no :facepalm: "3x3".. pvp in 3x3 arena
  14. I Dont think we should delete the swamps yet. We need to make it a neutral area. I Mean whats the point of us fighting and killing each other in this place. It only makes many player feel like quitting and throwing our devices. Imagine an elf called xxpinoyxx camping shackles towers and killing every single mc who try to get past the towers. I sat there dead on the floor for yes... no kidding.. an hour, watching this elf kill a score of mc. Each with their own reaction.. but mostly with fruastuation and anger ( that they have expressed through area chat ). The Stupid thing is, if one starts doing it many start to follow. I Vote for swamps to be Neutral. :unknw:
  15. Blueborn


    Your asking this during an economic crisis? Well dust is starting to settle, best to ask around and see where we are at now with prices. :unknw:
  16. Also agreed. Time for you to start doing 3x3's and pvp to prove your standing as a "pro" :pleasantry:
  17. A "BORN" killer? :shok: ..... ;D
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