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  1. Who would win? My mom. Can you guess which one she is?
  2. If they removed parties, i wouldnt play. I Hate doing arena with idiots.
  3. A Freaking Katana man! Requires 0 fuel/ammo and has a decent reach on it. If you were the last human on earth, how would you spend the remainder of your days?
  4. Aww dont sell DK's short. My lvl14 arena partner is a DK and she tanks everything, such a perfect partner for my rogue. As for finding guilds... There is plenty of guilds whom occasionally call for new members via world chat. They may not be the best option, being random people grouped up together, but it will give you the chance to meet people. Or you could browse the guilds in the guilds section of forum, and attempt to apply with them. To find the perfect guild, be it now or further on, is best consisted of friends and/or like minded players.
  5. There has been many suggestions in the suggestions section of forums asking for things such as a feature that allows an auto-party for random arena, mostly for the sake of such skills. Hopefully one day the developers might take it under consideration, but this is not a bug or such. I Would suggest that you find the suggestion topic that covers this and have your say about the idea.
  6. Yes this idea would be fair. I Like to run arena with set partner(s), and it just seems rather quite unfair that only one of us could receive the top prize. Arena is about teamwork, the prize should be as fitting.
  7. If it gets big enough. If you had a single wish from a genie, what would it be?
  8. xD Glad it's still making people swipe at their screen.
  9. They are letting just anyone in these days. jk.
  10. Glad you enjoyed it, maybe next time the questions wont be so hard. ;D Yeah been there myself back in the day. Many still have the same response even to this day.
  11. Australia's inflated prices due to taxes lol
  12. How well do you know warspear's history? Well here is your chance to find out for yourself with this neat little trivia game. How to play: Simply write down your answer and add up the points you acquired for each correct answer when you have finished the questionnaire. Answers will be displayed in the spoiler below each question. It is recommended that you do not research the answers, it will spoil the game. THE QUESTIONNAIRE: Q1: When was the game first launched? [exact date: 10 points] [year: 5 points] 12th june 2008 Q2: When did the game change from P2P to F2P? ( pay to play to free to play ). [exact date: 15 points] [game version: 10 points] [year: 5 points] 18th may 2011 version 0.7.0 Q3: When was the miracle shop first introduced? [exact date: 15 points] [game version: 10 points] [year: 5 points] 9th aug 2011 version 1.0.0 Q4: When did the party size get reduced from 8 players to 5 players? [exact date: 15 points] [game version: 10 points] [year: 5 points] 9th aug 2011 version 1.0.0 Q5: When was the first holiday event? [exact date: 15 points] [game version: 10 points] [year: 5 points] [named the event: 5 points] 5th Nov 2011 version 2.0.0 "Median night" Q6: What was the Sanctuary boss introduced in the 2012's 2.8.0 version? [Correct answer: 10 points] Beholder Q7: What was the title of the chosen & forsaken faction update? [Correct answer: 5 points] Crossroads of destiny Q8: When was the on the spot Revive feature first introduced? [exact date: 15 points] [game version: 10 points] [year: 5 points] 5th Nov 2011 version 2.0.0 Q9: When was crafting added to the game? [exact date: 15 points] [game version: 10 points] [year: 5 points] [version title: 5 points] 5th may 2014 version 3.13.0 "clash of guilds" Q10: What was the available magical elements before the version 3.11.0 elemental revision that reduced the magical elements to "magical protection" & "magical power"? [each correctly determined element: 5 points] Sun, Moon, Dark and Astral. Well, thats all for now. Feel free to share your results with everyone. I May extend this game if it is found popular enough. And hey, even if you scored low.. at least you learnt a little bit more about the game today ;D
  13. I'd play the hardcore server.
  14. Getting there! http://warspear-online.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:2968
  15. Better late than never :( .. Happy bday mate!
  16. Yeah, i don't think support returns "deleted characters".
  17. We have two open spadework discussions for upcoming pages that require more informational input. If you can supply missing or further information on them, please feel free to post said information on those discussions found HERE. We appreciate any information that we may require. I Would like to ask that if anyone wishes to comment on a page or edit the wiki, to please register with wikia before doing so. If you have any questions in regards to the wiki, feel free to contact me by private message here, or via the wiki.
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