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  1. That is rated R. What is your top two fav outfits in warspear?
  2. There is a slight chance, yes. From what i know. Energy cata's are more likely.
  3. Nope, there is no way to retrieve skins once applied to a weapon.
  4. The amp shine will set it apart slightly. In my opinion, the slight blend will make it more interesting.
  5. Blueborn

    A bank

    Search function would have shown you multiple topics that have the same subject. Go support one.
  6. Mc's 14. Just to get rid of any superstitious feelings. ;D
  7. It has been suggested multiple times, though i do not see the difficulty in installing one. Maybe it might be added one day, who knows. I Have supported the idea in the past, and i still do so. Would have been nice to see an older topic bumped though.
  8. He is not asking about the amount of gold required for a successful amplification. He is asking for the cost per attempt. at least that is what i understood. 226 gold for +9 > +10 attempt. lvl19 arena 1h axe. That is all i can help you with currently.
  9. A Confirmation "yes" or "no" button after selection would help a lot with mshop pop-ups. Even with amplifications when you hit the non secured amplification button ( happens when you run out of signs ).
  10. Make sure these are done in Norlant swamps:
  11. If that is your way of thinking, then this would be better suited: Viewing status effects
  12. Where is your sense of fun. Not like post count is enabled here. Mc's 5
  13. I Doubt anybody would, but the points are there just in case. Didn't i mention something about learning a thing or two? ;D
  14. Would you like to get back to the topic at hand, instead of this silly argument? Yes i would like to see a bit more diversity in equipment.
  15. Blueborn


    Ah i see. Depends on what kind of stats you are going for.
  16. This topic has been moved to [suggestions]. [iurl]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=112574.0[/iurl]
  17. Unfortunately not. But there is suggestion topics in the suggestions section of forum that suggest other methods. Perhaps you may wish to include your thoughts upon such a topic.
  18. Blueborn


    Other set does not work? Please explain. While we are talking about sets, ill place this here:
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