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  1. Maybe the suggestions title should be changed to "status" not "mode". As "mode" suggests automation instead of a status.
  2. AFK / Busy mode, been suggested many times before. I Still support the idea and want it.
  3. Sentinel side has classes that can use any weapon type now. That just leaves legion players with two useless weapons.. bow and crossbow. I Would like to see a use for them, a fix, or something of the sorts on legion side. I Don't think developers are interested in cross faction trading though.
  4. All main bosses on the beginner islands drop level 9 equipment. It has been said by the admins, that your level must be equal or lower than the bosses level.
  5. Blueborn


    Yes i am experiencing it as well. PC client, internet provider is running at full speed. Now the admins are aware of this issue, we just have to wait until they can rectify it.
  6. Some people get an amp in one try, others with a large amount of attempts. It's how things work. But lets stick to the subject at hand. The question was about "cost per amp attempt of lvl19 arena staff".
  7. Honestly, it all comes down to your intentions, budget and patience. If you plan to daily grind to higher levels, sometimes any gears will do. Amp's and gears only make such a thing easier. If you intend to obtain arena gears, such as lvl17 or 19. some people prefer to amp lvl13 gears and acquire them in lvl 14 arena or lvl to 15 and join an AP farm. If you do not feel that lvl13 gears will be suffice for grinding dailies for high levels, such arena gears will make things a lot "easier".
  8. Quitting or not, it is still against the rules that every player agreed to when playing the game. Admins simply say to account sharing.. "do so at your own risk." They have made a black and white rule, have shades of grey. "Just do not change the ID or password, if you are "sharing an account". There is no official rules that i see against guild selling. But there is no safe way to trade. I'll place this here: Guide and advice to prevent you from being scammed. Selling sms mcoins, i would say that it is. Due to the fact that it involves one party to share account information. That is against the rules. All the answers have been provided.
  9. last count for elves was: MC's 55.
  10. Anyone playing this little game? Cubic castles.
  11. Changes nothing my ass. I Could kill that damn pala and remove that totem. Or do you like seeing the totem still standing even when the pala does not?
  12. Yes, the game is always evolving, yes, we must expect new equipments to be introduced every now and again as it always has been before. But anyways, this topic seems to be more of a personal statement rather than a question. So lets stop here.
  13. The "spastic". Why do i feel stumped everytime i try to think of a question, yet feel the need to answer each question?
  14. That means a lot man. Considering that your main character is a paladin.
  15. Only thing i have against the banner, is the fact that the banner remains even when the paladin dies. Thus giving players only 2 choices... run or survive the damage. I Would like to see the third option of disabling it by killing the said paladin.
  16. Blueborn


    There is no official rule against it that i have seen. But i would advise against it just in case the second party involved steals your gold. There is no safe insurance and if it is stolen, it can not be recovered. Do so at your own risk. I Will also link this here. Guide and advice to prevent you from being scammed.
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