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  1. This topic has been moved to [Class discussion]. [iurl=http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=113407.0]http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=113407.0[/iurl].
  2. Erm.. no. if you read the first line of the topic.. This topic is basically a voluntary index page. Imagine a book.
  3. We still have a few awesomely dedicated bacon members active, so no, not 100% dead yet! I Am active on and off, but i don't gather GP. Just finding it hard to play without everyone else.
  4. Knock knock? Any guildies alive? Chilling in a mc run cave >.>
  5. My spidey senses are tingling.. i sense that it may have something to do with balance. But is it really all that important about a measly couple of points?
  6. We have tradable scrolls for name changing in-game already? O.O Scroll of unbind. Same as the unbind feature, just in a tradable scroll. And as for guild storage, he is suggesting in a tradable item for the slot unlock feature. He is basically suggesting to have miracle coin only features available for trade, so that non coin buyers can have access to them.
  7. There isn't many items of the 10th level at the shops. If you meant 9th level items, the sets were removed from the shops, and were made droppable from beginner isle main bosses.
  8. It's not really cheating, but many do not see it as honourable. A Great way to acquire GP besides arena, is to fast run dungeons. But that comes down to stamina and the ability to acquire stamina pots. Here is a timetable used by guilds: Gather all available dailies in irselnort & Ayvondil. Two days worth is usually best. Completing these quests but not turning them until the 2nd day is the fasted way, but that will come down to you bag space. If you do not have ample bag space, then completing them all on the second day will suffice. Potions will heavily increase the GP gain with this method, and having all those quests stacked.. gain gain gain! Run swamp quests after collecting dailies. If it is the day that you will pot for dailies, reach kota first then pot. Those kota quests give a great deal of GP. Once potted and acquired those desired quests, run to turn in your daily quests. When guildies gather, take every opportunity to acquire GP. Take all astral lab quests and run them through as a guild. ( turn them in when u pot ). These quests are available each day, providing that you do not have one current at rollover. Run your daily stamina in dungeons ( stam pots if available too ). And once everything else is not available..... Arena. Pretty basic huh? But it all comes down to you and your guilds ability and how well you can make it efficient.
  9. Of course he is. Hohola only meant, that in the end, it will ultimately be his choice. It all comes down to circumstances, how many tickets can be obtained, any farming or dungeons intended between the intended level to obtain, can quest with the current equipment, amount of amplifications that can be afforded and so forth. If you intend to quest your rear off to level 19/22, even mid amped lvl13 weapon could do the trick. Though any higher level weapon will increase the ease of completing quests. If dungeons or farming is intended before acquiring the intended level, it would be advisable to acquire weapons and gears that will make that possible. It's all circumstantial.
  10. Your welcome. May i suggest. If you place your offer of farm on the US-Sapphire section of forum under general, you may receive better attention from sapphire players.
  11. One target and destroyed if the pala dies. Even then.. my rogue will die like a fly 1v1 by a pala three ampes lower than mine.. oh well. lol.
  12. I Didn't have much time to play with it, but yeah.. hope it will suffice x_x [img=http://i60.tinypic.com/zunrl5.png] ----- [img=http://i61.tinypic.com/2ca7ly.png] Go go green eye!!
  13. Almost every consumer will try to get anything cheaper if it was on the table. Thats just how the world works, not just in this game. As for blaming these non mcoin players for the downfall of prices, thats where you are wrong. You should in fact be blaming mcoin users who sell it for that cheap. The majority of the economy is first within the mcoin users hands.
  14. As one example: Lets say that a set of signs is 10k in server A, and 20k in server B. Compare the price of mcoin to gold, to the price of a set. Players will then set that value in all servers, thus placing a step forward to ruining the state of the economy. Another point will be the lack of mshop item flow into the game that non mcoin buyers will miss if all mcoin users could just simply press a few buttons to acquire gold. If you really want mcoin to gold.. sell mshop items. Choose the right item to sell that will bring in the desired amount. Market play you know?
  15. Blueborn


    I Wouldn't encourage that.
  16. Blueborn


    Nuff said. But hey, it might just be rather simple to add. Wouldn't hurt if that was the case.
  17. Sorry, no. Adding such a function will effect the economy of each server. Each economy is player driven, and it should remain that way.
  18. Yes, that is the topic to report such issues. Just so you know. That particular issue has been brought up in this post:
  19. Here you go. Just for those who do not know, you may want to specify what server you play. And welcome to the forum!
  20. Aww, it would be so epic. I Demand this into fruition!!!.. jk, but seriously, i hope it will be taken into consideration.
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