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  1. 16 July 2019 17:42 GMT+3
  2. if its %15 its worth to use. But i have to know right amount of it. Can someone correct if its %15 please.
  3. does Rapid Fury book works under fury effect? and how much speed it gives?
  4. An ignore list that you can add the player that you kicking and could able to add reason of it tho. So guild members would able to know aganist whom they have to be careful. Also could able to add someone in that list without inviting in guild.
  5. I am not really an arena player. I am a crafter and since there craft level increased,my bags struggle.It would be really nice to have craft resources stacks as arena tickets. Also tp,repair,hp and mana pots etc. so with that no need increase bag slots.
  6. They simply won't. It's been about five days and lag still contiunes. Just close the game simply till you people fix this. It's dont feel good to waste our staminas,pots most important our times.
  7. It seems none willing to do something about it. Same problem happen like 2 weeks ago and nobody even apologize. Stams going waste pots going waste but nobody give a damn about it.
  8. I totally agree with you. At first times there wasnt events that much now almost every week of year we have different events and thats good. But problem is adding more items but wont add more bag space is a serious problem. It took ages for them to bring just one more slot to skill bar while they adding tons of experts. Come on,is this how you care about your players? Server lagging like hell and none gives a damn. People struggle to get in game. Bug everywhere and none fix anything. Cause of all this i see my friends leaving game. Game losing players every day.
  9. Having 80-100 runs in events and getting all the craps all the time or item prices go down like hurricane till i get a decent drop making almost no profit of what i got cause of the stam i spent. And watching ppl get 2-3 items just with 10-15 run is another thing. All of this pushing many ppl to buy coins cause they cant make profit from drops. And i dont want join any contest i dont need to earn mcoins from contest or whatever i want get drops when i enter to dg.
  10. Theres problem after i closed show help it still shows help pop-up to me. After i do Alt+Tab and back to game i need do Alt+Enter or need apply Full Screen in settings to back Full screen even i do that before Alt+Tab. Theres no any voice from game too. The only good thing is i can resize size of screen. My system info Windows 10 SL 64 bit CPU: i7 4700mq GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8600/8700M
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