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  1. Опубликованное фото


    Funny games is the only movie where I ever experienced that a third of the audience left the cinema because they couldn't stand it anymore. The original is from 1997 and the same director (Michael Haneke) remade it in 2007 as Funny Games U.S. to appeal to a wider audience. Both are equally disturbing though I find the original slightly better.


    I have not seen the original but the newer one was a great movie...and yes very disturbing..

  2. well,i haveto say chucky,it still giving me the creep,not because its scary or something,but it was the first horror movie i saw at 4years old,it was so scary to me back then that i still high nightmares some nights of it,how ever if it wasn't my first movie,i would gave #1 to sinister,cause of its sick ending :D


    Haha I watched Child's Play at an early age also and always had nightmares. Although now when i watch it i laugh, was very scary back then



  3. cant this be multiplayer?  :lol: party to finish castle stairs pls pm me  :cray:



    lol I wish you just need to amp ur sword more maybe get some potions...u know... warspear style lol

  4. The convertor is automatic... if you click the tab between candies and lollis it will automatically convert... (I see no use of this convertor though.. 100 lollis per sec...its not worth giving 8 candies a sec up for... also slayed the dragon a couple times  ;D

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