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  1. First of all, salute to all developers for focusing on PVE mechanics of the game. The T4 Zone ambush mechanics is a huge development. πŸ‘ From early game to end game its becoming more and more easy, however there's only one thing left that I think can benefits some newbies; And that is the Labyrinth, i know this one might be a lot of work but it would be good if it can be done. ✊ Assuming that the players have done all main quest in map1, map2 and norlant, there's really nothing left to do but to grind reputation in t1 and t2 of Ayvondil Section. After they done daily quest in ayvo, its become very limited of anything else to do, they too need somewhere to grind. Only thing they think of is the Labyrinth but its sad that they have to rely on High Level characters to finish it. # So Here's my suggestion: Full Rework of Labyrinth Map 1. Reduce number of monsters. 2. Reduce monster's power maybe 30-40% (Att,Def,HP). 3. Make boss distances a little bit closer to each other. (like Medusa-Echidna, NOT like Herald Tetrach - Scorpion Matriach). 4. Increase a little bit Exp Reward, and maybe add weak minions in reward. 5. Reduce Respawn time of bosses. (because i know high level chars will grind there too if this update happen). This way, low level newbies dont have to rely on High level chars anymore, they can form pt of level 16-20 (even noobs) and can finish labyrinth with ease. This update maybe very long to happen but i think it will be very good. I hope developers add it to consideration. πŸ‘ The game is getting better now. ThanksπŸ™
  2. Imagine a priest with 800mdmg, 10% of 800 = 80. So yeah, 80dmg absorption is added to the priest shield power. very nice πŸ‘ Might as well not give anything at all. πŸ˜‚
  3. I know and I dont expect it either until i join a tank pt and see for myself how gm nerfed wd's block heal. Wd's not that strong at tanking anymore but if you're talking about real pro amped wd's then there's really no problem. But im speaking for those Average players who's having a hard time in game's expansion.
  4. I know it might cause imbalance to the pvp aspect of the game but it can be resolved like make the skill unusable in arena, problem solved. the pve side on the other hand, it will be very useful. In Ship and grotto sometimes the tank pt consist of 4 wds and 1 druid. I know its a stupid pt combination but in most cases, there's really have no options because only few main healer users are active in game. So given the circumstamces, each wardens have 10k hp others have 12k with buff and pots. how do you expect a druid to heal all these tanks when 2 or 3 wds hp dropping so fast, one can surely be saved by Patronage of Forest, but others i dont think so. To simply put it, Gm gave monsters high dmg, then they gave tanks high HP so its only reasonable to give healers a little bit of heal improvement. Not all tanks can acquire castle pots and not all healers can afford mermen gears. And crit heal bonus is really not that much because u will only benefit from it if you have high crit parameter and the only heal that can crit is the basic skill heal. So in a sense it will only benefit that specific healing skill which is the basic skill heal.
  5. I think its about time to bring up this topic, considering all the good improvements and expansion of the game with bosses getting stronger and deadlier, i think this is a good time to make these changes so the support chars can keep up. So we all know that critical damage enhancement is very op to damagers, and im not talking about the critical hit parameter, im talking about the crit enhancement like seeker's "Solar Power" and priest's "God's Help" which gives them 20% more of the total of the normal crit dmg they deal. For example, if a seeker have 1000 phy dmg and he deals a crit strike on monster he should only deal 2000 dmg. but with solar power he will instead deal 2400 dmg because of the 20% added bonus, now imagine if a priest buff him with gods help with another 20% added bonus of total crit dmg, now he have 40% more and his dmg will now be 2800 dmg per crit strike on enemy. Now imagine if hes on a Lvl 9 guild with 3/3 Guild's Valor buff that gives 10% more of that enhanced crit (if im not mistaken). He will now have 50% added bonus to his total crit dmg. his 1000 dmg can now do 3000 dmg everytime he hit crit strike on enemy. That being said, only one question remain, why cant you do the same for heal? Since you rework the skill secret link of the druid, many druids changed from HP build to Crit build because they rely on basic healing skill now. I am a druid with 700 mdmg, 47% crit and its nice that out of 5 mini heals, sometimes 3 of them are crit heal. But still not enough to save a dying pt members. I just hope that maybe next update, u give us a new skill to improve our crit healing to better utilize our crit parameter. A 20% enhanced crit heal would be good. Maybe make it a constant energy consumption skill with dope Aura. Elf chars are so boring to look at, unlike chosen chars with very good aura animations πŸ˜‚. But again this is just a suggestion, that can help us keep up with stronger enemies. And it makes me sad that wardens are the only reliable tank in game. I mean if druid and priest have good heal maybe many paladins and blade dancers can enjoy their char being a real tank too.
  6. Damages done by MINIONS summoned by a SKILL should be accountable for the steal health parameter of the caster. Just like how damages of shaman's fire totem and paladin's harad banner are counted in steal health parameter of the caster. So I suggest that damages done by Minions using a skill of not only druid but also charmer and necromancer (to be fair) should be a subject for their steal health parameter. Afterall, they are a minion summoned by a skill and not a minion summoned by scrolls.
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