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  1. i want to share my broken dk without +10 items lv32 dk , i build my dk with this categories ( also i can solo all bosses with this build ) Offensive Stats Defensive Stats Skills Life steal 50% Parry 20% Thorn 4/5 Provoc 5/5 Accu 24% Block 21% Dark Sheild 5/5 Crit 22% with relics add more Physical Defense 8k ( its not +10 sorry) Reserve 4/4 Pene 10% Magical Defense 4k ( same stats not full +10) Saturn 4/4 Physical dmg 800+ Curse 4/4 Magical dmg 300+ Gears Double Block Sheild Craft Cape Parry HP Guild buff only +7 Weapon Parry Accu Craft Helm/Armor/Gloves/Boots Magic BLock bonus stats Belt Block Crit Ring Magic HP Lifesteal Amulet Pene Lifesteal Hope u like it, I can tank and solo anything with those builds i never tried Mermen Dg in this build so i need advice for underwater stats only problems is im out of Mana every time i do solo all bosses t3t4t5 ( i love Dk class )
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