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  1. ;D we've dun some cut backs, we dont have any/many noob, none I would call noob ne ways :friends: all very nice and generous ppl.
  2. :good: sure ne time Im game
  3. ;D we have, and won some and lost some. pern has some good players but some of u r also noobs that think ur all that but haven't had a reality check yet :good:
  4. ;D Hows that doom workin for u cautrzwife? :clapping: R u still #1 pro priest cuz u have doom? or still a noob? :pleasantry: :rofl:
  5. :search: another classic example if u give a noob a doom he/she thinks their pro, but just makes them a bigger noob :facepalm: we pawned them 18/20 times :facepalm: where is the rage quit?
  6. ;D swaaz is rite. total fail to step in the circle, there were no naked fighters. and not just lava map, my guild went 5v5 and beat a team with 4 locks and a dk O:-) no one u know will ever touch me either. :bad: :rofl: :rofl:
  7. :search: sry but I wouldn't touch u with someone else's penis. I find u discusting and not even worthy to f*** a goat :bad:
  8. ;D who says wls r op? :search:
  9. ;D be proud u beat us once in arena after mopped the floor with u 2 times :rofl:
  10. :spiteful: better amp to +10 u mite have a chance :lol:
  11. :blush: ty 8) Yall heard it :yahoo: he said he was a noob
  12. :clapping: OK EVERYONE I GOT A LIL STORY HOPE U LIKE IT ;D so there's a chicken that finally decided to pvp me and after I won the first match, he has his friend whos dk is extremely weak but supposedly full DD armor, try to gank me with a noob and failed. then he comes for another match and loses the 2nd time, then the 3rd time his friend comes back and I beat him, and time beat his friend. then they both come back trying to gank us AGAIN and fail :facepalm: what noobs :lol:
  13. :facepalm: ran almost the whole time til timed out :clapping:
  14. we were missing some ppl, need another one with all members on
  15. O:-) I did I put him/her/it/thing/biotch on my iggy list asa I got last comment lol
  16. that dude was in world chat sayin #1 pro priest stick of doom=(whatever his name was) and I asked him to pvp and kept changing the subject. :search: WHAT....... A....... FAKE......... NOOB!!!!!!
  17. :clapping: Noobs that think their pro cuz they have a doom but wont pvp :facepalm: . This game used to be so fun. now it's just annoying
  18. :clapping: gotta love when everyone thinks their a pro after playing a month or 2 when their just big noobs :rofl:
  19. :yahoo: Anonymous rocks!! :yahoo:
  20. :cray: why isn't my name up there, I thought I was hated too
  21. :good: I see nothing wrong with a male playing a female char. the funny thing is the ppl that call u a homo and a fag were prally gunna try to make u their gf b4 they knew u were a man ne ways, so in all fairness....... whos really the fag ? :mega_shok:
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