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  1. :crazy: and this folks is why drugs r bad for u
  2. all bark and no bite ;D ur a good unibrowed puppy :rofl:
  3. More noobiness :sorry: When did guild leaders start getting so sh*tty? So sad theres not many good guild leaders left
  4. ugh! just ugh! nasty! :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad:
  5. :give_rose: awe but he's talkin about ganking me on eu server. cuz he's noob and doesn't fight fairly :pleasantry:
  6. just saying I could, I need a sanitized boot to kick it :bad:
  7. :bad: Ik why is it all the nastys think they can actually get me?
  8. :bad: not in ur wildest dreams. I wouldn't even touch u with xherobrines penis, (givin that he has one) is he one of ur kinfolk? cuz yall r both nasty :search:
  9. :friends: anytime, anyplace, anyday, I will still whoop ur lock like it's a noob :dirol:
  10. :blush: awe someones a lil salty cuz he got rejected. this is why bitter ppl like u judge others. I dont usually judge ppl unless I talk to them for a while and sir, I have enough to judge u. and jut fyi I've been called worse so if thats all u got I feel sry for u. And Im one of the rare females on here that will knock ur azz out in rl as well as here. so if u think ur big enough come find me and we can see whos the "all talk" and whos the badazz. :rofl: Your the one that put ur big nose into this topic and started critisizing ppl here becuz they have internet gfs or bfs. if its not for u th
  11. :clapping: make sure u bring ur tree cuz everyone knows u can't gank me alone :rofl:
  12. :tease: u got proof? maybe he just wanted the D :crazy:
  13. :good: not crying by ne means, just making others aware of how pathetic their guild is. and knowing u, ur prally a member :rofl: cuz u "think" ur pro too :pleasantry: :rofl: no they did. but it was the cheap stuff that dryed too fast :sorry:
  14. :crazy: they said they were going to get there mcs but never showed, prally died several times just leaving nadir :pleasantry:
  15. :aggressive: so my guild and I were quietly farming genie, helping questors as they came, when along came fairytail guild to steal genie (of all bosses) most self proclaimed "pros" dont steal genie :facepalm: they farm eye or medusa or something. BUT no there r no pros here, only childish pro wannabes, with the worst conduct, if they would have just asked nicely we would've shared kills. but nothing was nice here. Then I tryed to have a conversation with Fairytail guild leader, that didn't get anywhere the first day cuz he wouldn't talk to me, the second day he finally answered and t
  16. :rofl: omg this kid thinks hes cute or somethin. sry hun but I would NEVER even look ur way in real life, Ppl like u r not my type and never will be. Judging ppl doesn't make u a "bad boy" either it just makes u a lame pathetic loser, so plz get over urself, a "bad boy" is a guy that does dangerous things to build a rep but doesn't judge others and cares about others wellbeing, ur just a pathetic excuse for a boy who will never be happy inlove cuz ur always judging ppl. @cal Im good hbu? ;D
  17. :spiteful: he's jealous of all the cyber community cuz no one accepts him. HI CAL!!! :give_rose:
  18. :aggressive: see heres his story, someone pissed in his cyber wheaties, then his cyber mom wouldn't give him the cyber nipple, then his cyber momma told him he was adopted from another cyber family, so that just ruined his whole cyber day so he was mean to his cyber gf, so she left him and here we r now! :cray: this is why he's such a douche :shok:
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