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  1. if ur that rich and 200k is just loose change then why didn't u just buy it from him and explain to him not to sell it and reasons on why? Throwing him out and this post couldv'e been avoided very easily if u knew how to lead. :facepalm:
  2. it's like restarting a computer only it's specifically for the game. ignore the crybabies they have nothing better to do than whine about everything but have no life to go do something. :mega_shok:
  3. best thing I can think of is to do like they did with genie and all the smaller bosses. make it so scatter doesn't work. but as far as the special event bosses, should be made that scatter, blind, agro, skills like this that could make it easy to evade the boss dont work on it.
  4. So Ive been trying to kill sam hain since this event started along with many others, I finally got my quest 3 days b4 event ends. There are alot of selfish people that wont help others, and few who will. Tomorrow this event ends, I dont know about the rest of u but Im sick and tired of not being able to get the stupid quests because of people evading it because they cant have their way. It's bad enough to deal with the same class giving you problems but to make it so other classes can get in and murder everyone while theres only 200k hp or less left. I personally think theres should be a rule that if there are people that haven't completed the quest should get first chance b4 people who are able to do the quest 20 times. Devs/mods PLEASE set some rules so there is less bickering so people can complete quest. I hope the christmas event will be much different. :nea: :mega_shok:
  5. :aggressive: Thats not very nice :diablo:
  6. :blush: :give_rose: awe ty boys, usually if I have a prob with someones guild memebers like this I'll talk to their leader and work somethin out, but in these 2 cases both leaders were morons so I figured I'd make them look stupid by putting it up here. nothing less than what they deserve :aggressive:
  7. :sorry: yea, u caught me. guess ur way too smart for me. whats ur fb? we can be fb friends :give_rose:
  8. maybe if u make it worth my travels :blush: show me a pic. show me what a stud u r and I'll travel to u :give_rose:
  9. :sorry: awe he ignored me. I think I should feel lonely and saddened
  10. :blush: amokshot how am I suppost to ever kick ur azz if idk what u look like? :give_rose: lets e-date but I need a pic here first
  11. :aggressive: sure but Im omw out rite now, I'll be back in a cpl hours unless u wanna do it sometime tomorrow?
  12. :bad: no thanx. wont be changing my mind, ever.
  13. wheres ur pic? ;D look ne thing like this?
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