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  1. Just cuz I "flirt" with some ppl doesnt mean I get free stuff or ask for free stuff, ask anyone that knows me if I've ever asked them for anything. I wanna see a ss of me asking for something and being serious. Kaz I dont flirt with anih, he's a good friend, I dont know where u get ur information from but maybe they should find facts first? and swazz is an old friend. If I flirt with ne one it would be the girls that I know rite seth? cyber how many 14 yr old girls did u con to get +9? I have a job I buy my own stuff can u say that to urself and it actually be honest? no prally
  2. They just being children, they claim to be "young" but either way they act more like babies still on a pacifier. But none ever said they had a life outside of ws. Thats funny. btw who is kazuma? and why he suckin jar and cybers D? and cyber why u suckin jar's D when he made a post about u? I believe this is the title Cybernem lvl 24 rogue violating rules of conduct in US-Sapphire Started by Jarlaxxle, 22 Oct 2014 Last Post by ( ͡° ~°)pow-powley, 22 Oct 2014
  3. miss u too darlin. I'll be on elf all this week workin on guild. pm me
  4. jar thats a good vid of ur mom, thanx for sharing, and several ppl on ws can confirm if I am a boy or girl, I have no reason to lie on a video game, my name isnt starbunny pretending to be a girl but in rl a boy, If Im a boy then jar and cyber must REALLY REALLY want my big D, cuz they always on it. Swaaz didnt think I was really a girl til I gave him proof, and at least I show my pic unlike some of u that r too coward cuz ur prally 45 yr old pedo preying on little kids that play this game. and yes mrsxalpha DID show fake pics, its not hard to tell a fake pic from a real pic, all her/his pics
  5. Actually original owner of that account is still playing it, and nothing was bought im friends with the original owner
  6. maybe not but he bought the bd Dreamaker from one of these girls and changed the name since. Which Is against the rules.
  7. U have alot of room to talk since u where sharing accounts with 2 of the 14 yr old girls u were cheating on, Im pretty sure thats against the rules too
  8. I am not the first to make a druid but yes I am a very old player, and b4 poleys time, I had a ranger that was my first char, then I made druid, but I havent played druid in years, I made her only for farming, shes not set up for arena, or pvp purely farming, so jar is entirely wrong when he says I aspired to be like poley, poley is a great druid and if u ask her my priest did beat her a cpl times in arena pvp, as of now I dont know or think I could beat her with priest either becuz priest is becoming outdated. I initially made a druid to become like darkluna which was one of my bestfriend tha
  9. I was told keizsha has a kid. and if u like that black bacon go for it. I dont show nudes. I have more class than that. u mad cuz Im not a 14 yr old girl u can harass and lie to? not pro but decent. and ty
  10. U know all about having a bad mom rite? cuz If I was ur mom I would've had an abortion just to rid the world of a lousy piece of crap. Idc if u think Im a bad or good mom, at least I dont speak about young kids, or date 3 14 yr old girls on ws and lie to all of them about name, location, and age, ur just some washed up 45 yr old man preying on kids on a game. and I have a job, that I make good money at. and maybe u misunderstood who the elf were talking about, cuz Im not nessa, keizsha, or neelu. I dont send pics for mcoins, and I dont take free items.
  11. Jara u take this game so seriously "my char can beat ur char" but if it was in rl u'd back down like 8 yr old scared girl. I dont care whether or not ur char can beat my char or if "ur daddy can beat up my daddy" Ik Im a good person in RL where it actually matters and my friends r good ppl. Im sry that u dont keep good company and have bad friends that u feel the need to rag on someone else cuz ur unhappy with urself and ur life. Is that enough "words" for u?
  12. I agree with his agreeing to the above above statement ^
  13. Jar it seems ur a bit obsessed starting this topic... Ive never really heard anih or deli talk about u. maybe once, but nothing I'd call obsessive, sounds like ur the jealous ones cuz their good ppl and the ppl who know them would do ne thing for them. And cyber nbk dont like u cuz ur a pedophile that preys on 14 yr old girls. no one likes a pedo besides other pedos.
  14. sapphire


    Thank you very much I had a very nice bday thank you for thinking of me.
  15. :bad: Ur super annoying. Do u ever shut up?
  16. True but if both people want it to work then it will, with much patients and caring. And just because it's long distance doesnt mean it will never be a closer relationship, one or both parties could move after meeting a few times. It's all on how u look at it. Theres always hope if u want it to work.
  17. Ignore childish comments from others, online dating can be just as real as real life dating. some people just dont understand that most guys/girls in ur areas r either trash or just not ur type, thats my case, I have a rl bf rite now and he's great, and I've had an online bf that I have met in person, although we r no longer together we're still best friends. some guys/girls r just too shy to go out and mingle with others cuz they have different personalities, so online is a way for them to be a little more open and possibly find something they've been looking for and cannot find in their rl a
  18. This DEFINATELY has my vote for cutest gay cpl of ws :give_rose:
  19. :yahoo: FIRST TO 21!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. :facepalm: these lists need updating
  21. I agree completely with ladygi. And I mean this with no disrespect devs, but this is total crap. Ur giving this game to people who have money to make their guilds top. There are people that cant put 100's of dollars into this game. It's completely unfair for people who can't get into the top guilds. I think in all fairness instead of handing over this game to people who put alot of money into this maybe you guys should work on the new Island and lvl increase that we were told about a while ago and make it a bit easier on people that can't afford being top guild. :nea:
  22. sapphire


    September 5th :give_rose:
  23. :clapping: You guys did a great job, I laughed alot. it was very funny ;D
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