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  1. So, I have different account on different emails, is it illegal to log on multiple accounts at the same time so I can farm say for instance GG solo?
  2. I like the 30% damage boost idea, it would be like double stealth
  3. How about fixing arena so you don't have to fight players in a higher bracket. My lvl20 always gets matched with lvl22 bracket.
  4. Absa your a noob that's why
  5. He must have fought a Sith arena team
  6. From what I've seen, if your not in the party while the skill is activated. That's when u have to log off then log back in.
  7. Abs, Boner and I were using great gladiator pot.
  8. Who is Ryder? Just a relic in and unknown fictional universe. AS FOR CYBERNEM, THAT JUST THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO HE IS.
  9. Yeah we were in Termitary
  10. Lvl19 arena axe From +9 to +10 5 pieces
  11. All mages blow. They're shouldn't even be a top 10 list for this sorry class
  12. tokr

    Elusive Jump

    Skill is dead now that Elusive Jump can't do critical hits anymore
  13. It's a horrible idea censorship will only lead to less players playing. It's not like those "kids" aren't out right now watching porn and other obscenities.
  14. Your using Shaman defence skill
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