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  1. i will just leave with this question: did the winner's posters motivate you??? unless you know what motivates mean.. have a great day GUYS..
  2. well i just wish for the next competition the TEAM will be carefull on putting their criteria. CHECK if the winners have this: 1. Motivational = or encouraging words for the players 2. Spirit rising= something that boost the players 3. call= a term of asking and encouraging to do things OK ONCE AGAIN GOOD WORK TEAM ;D congratz again to the WINNERS :crazy:
  3. well it doesnt have anything to do with the game bro ;D its just a competition outside the game ;D BUT HONESTLY.. i think i really cant find the criteria in some of the winners :D but i still love warspear online :drinks: BUT NOT THE COMPETITION.. coz i know what's their taste on judging ;D maybe this kind of competition is not for me :dirol: i will just continue playing game :good: GOOD WORK AGAIN JUDGING TEAM :clapping:
  4. ahahaha thats the motivational things that they are saying?? i cant get it :D i cant find any motivational txt on that :D MOTIVATIONAL means ENCOURAGING words am i right?? please correct me if im wrong :D well loosing isa a part of the game :D gratz to all the winners :D now i know what's their taste on their criteria :D but still its questionable :D :D VERY NICE JUDGING.. and very nice TASTE TEAM keep up the good work :D :bad:
  5. ON MY WAY TO SCHOOL :D good luck guys :D i will check later the winners result :D GOOD LUCK to ALL of US :D
  6. wew today is the last submission of the posters :drinks: goodluck to all of us my fellow WARRIORS :good: :friends:
  7. dear balinor please read the instructions again before commenting.. as you can see.... YOU COULD USE ALMOST EVERYTHING.. they didn't told us not to use picture in internet.. and lastly check what snorlax team posted in the first page for the sample poster. they did not do the main back ground. it's a property of americans... please think before you click. thanks and lastly why are you giving mr snorlax and the team your own idea in judging? they are the only one who has a right to make some criteria for any competition that they are giving us. we cannot tell them what to do.. thanks
  8. eh MIsS naman talaga kita @ midge :D thank you very much arip :)
  9. :good: i agree with this. the rules says that we can use :pardon: EVERYTHING :pleasantry:
  10. im not realy sure but i think they are using an android emulator, symbian emulator or even virtual box... i had an idea but i havent tried it :D i hope i can learn that too :D
  11. i just uploaded my entry :) i wish i could win even :pleasantry: consolation price :pleasantry: by the way is there any criteria for judging? i mean what is the percentage for the graphics, or in the meaning and the humor on the text included? just wanna ask.. to know if i have a chance to win :blush: :blush:
  12. Thanks :) @ hornig toinks.... i wish i can win even a consolation price :[email protected] hmm i think no one likes my post :'(
  13. :aggressive: :aggressive: hey dont be like that.. all contestants has a chance to win! .. goodluck to all of us... :) goodnight midge :)
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