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    yorae reacted to TheCabbage in [2015.09.11] Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm". Preview   
    I'm pretty sure that the boss' respawn time pretty much prevents people from spamfarming. Correct me if I am wrong.
    (Wrong language version in the screenshot; the same info can be found in this English topic as well. But read the Russian one, it has a nice story.)

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    yorae reacted to Knighsou in Quests Without EXP   
    Dear Devs,
                     I dont know if this topic was here before or not but you guys should think about this
                     There should be quests that wont give EXP but gold and GP.
                      These quest will be marked with white or red marks.... These will be the same quests like the blue ones at all the maps with same rewards but no EXP points.
                     This Will help those players who dont want to lvl up,
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    yorae reacted to baskentli in Quests Without EXP   
    They should add something like ''Disable Experience''option
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    yorae reacted to Turtle in Valentines Day!   
    I think you should have a small weekend event for valentines day this year or even next Year hopefully this one.
    All Tuxedos and Dresses 75% off regular price.
    a simple quest exactly like last years rune oracles summer event which gives you a free costume this one should make you walk a lot and talk with dialogue and at the end give you a gift in which you open gives you a Heart costume (Gift) in many different colors of all the candy hearts. And a Wedding Ring which is Lv1 and gives 15% Health and 5% Mana
    add suggestions below thought it would make the event really fun and the ring should be parameters "Sending" and you have to send to your ws valentine :3 Any suggestions comment like
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    yorae reacted to r0land in New Hack Mode   
    Don't know what is this, but our company has nothing with this message.
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    yorae got a reaction from x in Suggestions About New Skills   
    Open this topic for those in order to suggest new skills, so it is easier and organized to meet or discuss new or current spells and abilities.
    is simple, put the name of the skill, put forward the class, and then its effect (as detailed as possible and well explained)
    Who likes leaves a "like"!
    Note: answer only if you have any suggestions on skill!
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    yorae reacted to MCocktail in Arena "Leagues"   
    As you know you if u face arena, you are going to be confronted with a random opponent at same level.
    So far so good.
    But there are 3 types of players:
    The f2p peasant The casual player The arena pros It sure happens very often, espacially in low lvls, that being f2p means u get rekt in arena.
    So why not "divide" these 3 groups in different leagues?
    Example lvl 4-6:
    Wood league              Bronze league     Silver league     Gold league     Elite League    League of LegArinar
    0-200 ap in season     200-600              600-1500          1500-5000       5000-10k         >10k
    And you only get in fight with players of your league. This might apply to 2v2 and 3v3. Tho i dont know if it would make sense at 5v5.
    It would improve the gameplay as sudden arena pros aint gonna rek u.
    But you get to duel with players of the same strength, as you can improve yourself with ap (If you have the skill to ), which can get you stronger.
    Edit: There could also be a variation of this with the number of wins, which would be constant at any level.
    Wood league
    0-15 wins           etc.
    Edit: It could also go with win/lose ratio, as pros would win more often than.. noobs? Anyone will have a harder time getting up of course, and the player will be shifted into a league after ~5 or more arena battles (first win 1 win 0 loss, 100% win ratio BOOM LEAGUE OF ARINAR)
    Wood league    Bronze league    Silver league     Gold league       Elite League   League of Arinar
    wr of 10%        20%                    40%                  60%                   70%              80%
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    yorae reacted to absalom in Penalize people who use secondary accounts to boost arena rank   
    I do see the problem, but the arena season competition has many problems. I just meant that its already basically pay-to-win, and this topic just showcases a more extreme example of it.
    -Set a limit on demands, so it's not based on who spams the most
    -Don't award AP toward rank for losses
    Do those two things and maybe we have a real competition to see who can form the best party. But this is cashspear... my as well make yourself cozy the way it is.
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    yorae reacted to Jswaaz in New Item - Pot of Sixth Sense   
    DPS - specific classes on elf side should get ability to detect stealth (but rogue still keeps damage boost from stealth) and/or resist fear of warlock (but not shaman)
    DPS - specific classes on mc side should get ability to reflect arrows (small % chance to make all arrow attacks to be sent back to the user) and/or resist chains of mage (but not root)
    healer specific classes should get similar skills, but catered towards other healer class'es stuns/roots/holds etc
    basically, give stun resist skills, but only for against specific classes 
    just my opinion
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    yorae reacted to Jcsky in [2014.12.24] Warspear Online 4.6: The Triumph of Evil Sandro. Release   
    Hoping for the time that the drop rate will be more higher. That's the highest wish of those players who already spent a lot of stamina elixir and only got cookies :-)
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    yorae reacted to sulla in Longer Name   
    future troll names
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    yorae reacted to Turtle in Arena Rewards   
    As you All know the knew arena rewards Are only a ring And a Buff.
    None to less the Rings Stats sorta Hamper on a melee compared
    To other Rings. but Still A pretty good prize right? buff is Ok Energy and Hp... Is meh. nothing
    over powered but compared
    To last season and Most seasons before this prize isnt fair.'why you get a ring and that only Gives lets say caster 15% well last years Got 30. thats not that fair and a buff that definetely isnt worth 15% magic
    Same concept with Melee.
    Im saying is you should add more gravy for your superior Arena gods.
    I think a buff for 1-5 was a good idea. More fairness but #1 only gets a single.
    Extra ring now thats just like well ok you know?it
    Doesnt make people wanna go get that reward. So i suggest to add another Ring.
    or add the classic Skyrim costume "Dragonborns"as a extra bonus this way the Players wont get more stronger but get a costume
    From there hard work too. Not just a silly ring u cant show off that or maybe add a new costume. Would make it fair the the previous seasons rewards
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