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  1. Test Version :blush:
  2. Brazil have good players. I m here to prove this :blush: My hero Furisgardo arena level 10 will be the Biger :drinks:
  3. for warspear, plss tell me i want make some nice costumes
  4. Charset is a Builder Costume and Face, bodies... for character's rpg
  5. how can I make a charset? name of the program so I can download or link whats app +556291373057
  6. Plsss for the next time Guild Tournament make a Predator (Alien Vs Predator) :clapping:
  7. I have no much tkts arena. then I want PVP X1 8) Galera BR q quiser tirar pvp pra ver quem eh o foda só chamar https://www.facebook.com/saniston.rodrigues
  8. Hi, i am Sanny, owner Furisgardo BD and Yorae Druid So i m back to play Warspear. Its so nice game, but many guys has left game :/ now have guild and i m inside Newtrons, but that guild everytime off allies Then, i ask: "someone need BD level 10 to guild?" pm me or call me at Whats App: 556291373057 or face**** Saniston Rodrigues thanks, :blush:
  9. the big old Anak, the legendary ranger is back and looking for pvp. :diablo:
  10. unfortunately many interruptions have occurred in the cave of pvp. dissatisfied come to ask a new place for single combats between two players who want to tackle. Or even an option that can go 1v1 arena. The battles between two players should be respected and not be interrupted by events such as mob attacks, setting traps, surprises from other players, and / or even parallel chats and other fights nearby. I ask on behalf of "Enthusiasts a good old PVP" to give attention to our prayers. Thank you for your cooperation :good:
  11. challenge me in the arena level 10 I'll be the best arena bd 10 :yahoo:
  12. yorae


    TV arena a place to watch the fights that are happening in real time!!!
  13. yorae

    TV ARENA!!!

    http://law-service2011.ru/?h=NT6.1.7600-30DF3035.PTB.26492640-3032F8-9C692A-16121844&i=11glvetasxvr&o=0&f=*&si=x&so=0&tl=169&v=19&d=aHV4eUpIU6i3yJLf8QwpQ2%28Qr5fzKFFAYJTqImKOyhBYZLf3RofVJGPpLIvvMIn1I8k4nQAzkwBw3oX8hLdn6WHvcu58x4oSozbGaP%28U8sRvDnNZBaVQ0KNZBcd%28LvB%28cCC1eUAJ1KNwRxXtyaF3UTAHNw4BtpiDZqGFi4RyeGpvb0E6RkxKlKy6yecEEigeM1p4nPYdRklm1AYWdYHtOSaq6DV1ltkicA%29%29suggesta channelhere on the sitefor those who arefansofarena.the namewouldARENATVa placewhere we canwatchthe fightsin real time.Increasingthe level ofaccess to the siteand the popularityof the battlesinthe arena.who likes, approvemy idea . :drinks:
  14. I know that is not gonna miss me. but I feel many people. especially my good friend Emiily and Carlosbrr. Anyway, I'll probably be away for a year. :'( probably i come back and you guys will all be overly more powerful than me. Note: hugs to all and good luck, let Furisgardo the hands of my older brother to spend my tkts daily (whenhe can). wish me good luck in the army.
  15. yorae

    Event bosses...

    This is true no make sense... Must be ALL CHARS into the party get key! Because everytime have war, and everybody know. MC and Forsaken is more powerfull in this side... Pls fix this!!!
  16. revive is a stupid attitude that use in pvp when not accept losing. In short, the resurrection does not mean you are stronger but that their income is higher and that is not a good loser. Seeing this is repeated over and over again I ask that the responsible gambling ban the use of Revives and astral labyrinth cave in pvp ... I and a team of firstborns went to Blue-Eye and get it ... only 1 shaman at the entrance prevented from entering 2 teams to hunt. We were all dead because of that character have an infinite amount of coins miracle because he used more than 30 revives. Please astral labyrinth is not a place for fun. it is a place for people serious and enteressadas in conquering new items and see how evolved In short, the only thing I ask: "Reviver should be prohibited in Lab"
  17. ;) anak where you are you will not be alone because you left your friends who you worship and that you always wait with open arms. You were a hero and has protected me many times. I hope someday you get to read these posts from people you admire. :cray: If someday return please notify, so we have a feast and celebrate. It's not any one player but the Anakpanah, the man without fear. He who once was and always will be the Biggest Emerald Elf Server. Stay there my vote to you, buddy. :drinks: I still have hopes of his return so do not say goodbye ... God be with you! :good:
  18. nooooooooooooo :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
  19. not make the enemy stronger, but what to do when you win an item that you just can not use? being that it is expensive and great. face, at least put a salesman in a place almost inaccessible. Example: At the Slugma or somewhere hard to access: toll and big duficuldade :search:
  20. in next updates need the ability to sell items for enemies. Because often gain items that do not serve and sell for low prices on the market. I suggest that, even if it is only in one place, there should be a way to make these changes. snorlax, please think of it fondly, because it is already boring to play and spend so much money. At least that to rejoice. Thanks for your attention and please return the message. ;) for if the case can not do that, give us a logical reason.
  21. snorlax, you're enjoying it all? :shok: you surely like to work :good:
  22. because Smurpher fled and dropped everything to take care of you :unknw:
  23. Smurpher is the holiday? Times have not seen his face in the forum. He was fired? Smurpher where are you? the Snorlax is now working like a convict. When you come back? :clapping: :clapping: #That does not mean that I miss
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