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    Who still remembers the Dragon? Brother of the Hydra when launched in Norland update

    Anyone know someone that defeated that impossible boss?

    Neither Hassn defeated



    If anyone has a picture of him to pass me

    even the GM I thank :blush:


    I suggest a new annual event called

    The Time Tunnel!


    the event will primarily focus on presenting the new bosses that players had already featured in the game and now are "retired"

    there will also be the opportunity to experience and review a thrill of facing a monster that has been very strong in his prime again and see how much you progressed in skill, and this also show how much the game has evolved in certain points of view.

    also be based on an anniversary of the game and it could launch the event and gather all those who marked history in the development and success of the game.


    My idea of ​​the time tunnel is that the game increases the amount of events, which motivates much an old player to continue playing.


    Thanks, guys, and good rest!  :good:


    much complaint of play female in relation to:

      awards guild that never come with female customs and also the arena dealer.

    to satisfy all tastes I suggest to reconsider the option of buying female trages with arena points and we can earn guild costumes female.


    Is my suggestion, and thanks for listening!


    should be notified so

    the code consumer tells us that the seller must clearly inform about the product.

    if an item is to be used only on Daily Quests should be written in the product information. Not to become a fraudulent product and not be bought by "DECEIT"


    I found the following error when I started playing in Langasard,

    missions do not increase when you use EXP Potion of Knowledge.

    I 159mcoins a waste so he could level up faster and none of the quests had an increase in EXP. I would like my refund and to correct this error.



    that crap you did with the magicians, Have not enough to increase the defense of everyone against magic (a lot), further reducing the attack and healing them. Besides also having a life "shit" if I may say so. I hope to correct that or mages will disappear from the game.


    Sure, mages are only for support, supposed to have thought about it, NEITHER BUT FOR THAT THEY ARE WATCHING!

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