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  1. We enfrentanto the embarrassment of trying to make purchases through the BoaCompra and not getting the same answers. I detect this problem in the last two days. The best form of payment here in Brazil, I would like to give us attention this time and seek a solution. :give_rose:
  2. not when the person hacks into the very company you work for. no defense system is perfect and there is a real doer of such deeds. There will be no way to banish such person as it does not violate any rule or matters related to the game. :wacko:
  3. I say this because there are those who use hacker to gain miraculous currencies but not pay for them. May thus revive countless times without even worrying about the expenses, or "call themselves Strong" could well reduce the time of invulnerability by resurrection! Not necessarily limit the amount of reviving, but your time immunity ...
  4. I still wonder why it does not have the same rule "to revive" and "chat spam" in chat when a person exaggerates messages is given a restriction of many minutes in mute if anyone agrees with me "Reviver should have a maximum amount of uses per turn," means that you also agree that after the EXAGGERATING revives u are making a spam and blocked that function for a given time. This is my idea, to try to preserve the fun and share what you think :give_rose:
  5. guys, cheer for in the next update corundum shops selling catalyst :clapping: :clapping:
  6. i agree if catalys 8000 arena points or so expensive for not noob players make easy Strong items :facepalm:
  7. the currency of corundum has been well appreciated in times past, with very challenging quests and rewards luxurious and elegant. however the market is failing and your last resort would be "the black market". a mysterious salesman who appeared in the plains of irselnort with limited stocks of popular items. Each day you can find it somewhere ... whose sole greed: Crimson Corundum!!
  8. Sure Purple catalisys??????? :wacko:
  9. I Agree. Lvl13 equipement have "none" status and requires to be farmed from irselnort bosses. It makes sense to have lvl9 gear the same. If it maintains to be "equipping", we will soon lose sight of these gears. And geez, increase the drop rate, nobody wants to camp low levels for ages trying to acquire these gears so that they can progress easier. :clapping: :clapping: i agree too :aggressive:
  10. Server Tourmaline many websites hack guys there :clapping: :clapping:
  11. :snorlax: Thanks for the opportunity ;D
  12. I Want my name in Champion zone fórum :clapping: :yahoo:
  13. :facepalm: no one will use more blade i think rogue impossible use axe he can not use Heavy Armor :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  14. do a poll on "what do you think of Lava Inferno Stage?" and you guys understand...
  15. :wacko: The "hell" of the arena as well as unnecessary causes us a lot of headaches, with battles that take "years" to quit and a HUGE disadvantage for those close combat. Stage I understand that you guys creators wanted something that causes entertainment (something new), but they forgot that must be fun! Now explain to me: Where's the fun in playing that stage?? :facepalm: Here is my solution. Out HELL STAGE :clapping:
  16. ta faltando a parte de sugestões aki :blush:
  17. hey there guy, Kuz, When End Tournament Arena Br Tourmaline? ;D
  18. :snorlax: snorlax you know my furisgardo? :blush:
  19. OOOOps wrong post :blush:
  20. I know beholder, IS NOT BEHOLDER beholder is gone when got norland The True Boss is Ghost Hydra i think!! :facepalm:
  21. Gooooooooood Idea :blush:
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