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  1. Since I don't see any topic yet which suggests this (and I'm too lazy to check each one)

    I'd make a topic myself.


    It would be great if there was an interface which shows you how long your potions/scrolls

    will last. For example: You used a Great unity potion because your guild is competing in a

    tournament. Because you were busy doing quests/arena/tower you totally forgot to check

    the time. This will result in that you don't know how long it will last. Which could make you

    waste a stamina or stops you from doing quests because your potion is gone out of a sudden.


    It would be great if we could see the buff times. Best location to put these are at "Stats" in

    the player menu in my opinion, so you will be able to check them at any time you choose.



    i agree :)


    man, I honestly do not understand what was in the head when you did.

    my way of expressing my anger and hatred developers do not bother doing this Sh1t work.

    When will they invent a radar or skill to reveal hidden priest rogues?

    And what disease has in mind to invent rogue take a "jumping Hulk"?



    That's it, that disgrace rethink why I can not stand to see the rogue class dominate over all other



    Annoyed: Yorae :facepalm:

  3. Hello their, dear warriors of Arinar,


    Опубликованное фото


    our game servers will be stopped at 14:00 CET due to the planned technical maintenance and minor fixes.

    Servers will be unavailable for about 30 minutes, we apologize for any inconvenience.


    List of fixes is here:

    - Magic defense and HP bonuses of [symbol of Greatness] were fixed.

    - Area of "Tornado" skill was fixed, now it's equal to "Earthquake" skill area.

    - Physical defense bonus of [Treads of Fierce Filth] (21 lvl) was fixed.

    - Price of [brave Warrior's Shield] and [brave Warrior's Treads] was fixed. Items can be found at the Arena Supplier's store.

    - Drop from Crimson Conqueror boss on Ayvondil was fixed.


    Take care, guys,

    AIGRIND team



    Congratulations new Admin  :give_rose:


    R0land, you gotta be kidding us?



    Where are the elves to complain about the skills of mcs that are better, you do nothing.

    Now the only time in life that we can feel important and to say: "The developers have reminded us" you just pluck us the only chance of being seen as a threat.

    One thing is clear, elves are always the oppressed while developers get spoiling the 'dear little children' (mountain clan) :facepalm:

  5. mas cara, não precisa roubar de operadora para ser full+10.

    gastando uns 500 reais por mes com o game vc consegue tranquilamente deixar todo mes seu char +10 e bastante tkts

    e fora isso não te faltará miracles por um bom tempo.

    eu falo por experiência própria, agora não estou podendo colocar muito coin pelo fato que comecei a fazer faculdade de Tecnologia em Jogos Digitais e isso é caro pra carai e não sou rico, mas veja bem.

    Qualquer um pode fazer o mesmo. Mas contra um inimigo maior... é aquele velho ditado: "A união faz a força" :good:

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