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  1. I think by "Caster " he ment the person using the skill not caster classes . Unless you were just stating that it's a tank skill and knew what he ment . But either way I agree.
  2. Ale should be half off so we can get wasted!! :drinks: :drinks:
  3. kelso34201

    free MC.

    When I try to get the free mcoins all that pops up is a white empty screen and I can't download anything and with the double mcoins this weekend this is really upsetting. idk if you can do anything but I figured its worth already letting you know.
  4. If you just plan to heal tanks in farming it's simple. Just have a high health Regen close to the HP taken away and don't attack the monster. Just be pure support there for your health shouldn't be a problem.
  5. kelso34201


    Disagree big time. Xbox is wayyyyy better. I know you are going to tell me when ps is better because its fre..but no. Box is better because it has better tech support. You pay so therefore i feel that it runs smoother and problems in current games/popular games are fixed faster. I have both ps and box and i play my box wayyyy more. And blackops blows imho..im still stuck in ancient times...COD4 And mw2:)
  6. So when i hit play it pops up as the data caching then another message pops up thatst says can not save data. Is this happening to anyone else?? And is there a way to fix this??
  7. I keep getting a pop up saying package file is invalid whenever i try to download it. I deleted it completely off my phone and tried downloading it again and it still says the same thing. It either gets to 100% and pops up saying package file is invalid or it gets to 10.00mb (38%) and just stays there till i cancel it..
  8. I'd say go with either 4 ball and 4 blind or 5 blind and 3 ball. Switch ball with quake if you prefer that. At level ten you only will do 2x2. Atleast in my experience. But definatly atleast 4 blind. If you and your partner are amped even a little bit then you should be able to blind one guy and have the other guy dead, or close to by the time the other guy comes back.
  9. Idk about chosen or fb because i play mc but I know you can not keep the rusty armor or any weapons from quests because i have tried. But I agree. I'd love to keep the quest items. Especially rusty armor, that's a free costume! Lol. And for most people, their only costume.
  10. kelso34201


    Hey guys I'm wondering if I can join the guild. I just bought a fire sorcerer outfit today and looked and say there was one spot open in the tspII clan and was wondering if I could get invited to it:) my name is elfkilla and I'm a level 14 shaman
  11. Hey guys id love to join on my rogue when you get more room. Lv 18 rogue named ionz. Haven't been on him much bc I'm bored and been leveling a dk but if I had people to play with on him I'm sure I'd play him more. Pm me in game or on here if you want to know anything:)
  12. I'm just as excited as everyone for updates, but as soon as they update there are going to be Bugs and then everyone is going to be complaining about how they shouldn't have updated and how the update is a POS which I think is funny because everyone gets so pumped up and every single time there's bugs and people freak out about it because somehow they expect everything to run smoothly right off the bat. So not only am I excited to for the update itself, but also to see the forums spammed 2 min after the update is released with how sh*tty and worthless it is:):) :rofl:
  13. post pictures of what your CC armor looks like and name plz. I want to buy CC armor but not get stuck with an ugly one. Ty:)
  14. Did they get rid of the arena map that you spawn right next to the enemy across the water? Was just sitting here watching NCIS and randomly thought I haven't played it inn as long as I can remember.
  15. I must have looked too early before when I looked to see if my ap changed after...but as happy as that makes me...now I'm embarrassed for not knowing that :blush: but thank you :drinks:
  16. Please please please! Put a pop up when you hit revive in arena...countless times iv tried to geet one last skill use in arena to help my partner(s) and I hit revive because I. Died .0000001 sec before I hit it..its basically like buying arena tickets and dropping them :facepalm: and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thiis has happened to. And if there is already a post like this sorry...this just happened again to me so I ragequit to post this. But please devs put in a pop up yes/no selection for arena revive because its really annoying not having one.. :'( :aggressive: :fool:
  17. kelso34201

    Clan: TSP

    I would love to join! I'm currently in the process of making a lock. Names gankr:) msg me on here or ingame if you would like to get to know me first:)
  18. I can help you with it :friends: :yahoo:
  19. A while ago I was doing arena when my necro was lv 6 I think it was and mmy partner was afk and my two opponentts decided to attack the afk guy and I kept shielding/healing him and killed both of them and I lmao the entire match:)
  20. kelso34201


    My rogue is level 16 and my skill set up is ms5 stealth 4 and gouge 3 and itworks awesome. Stealth increases damage so I would put the first point after ms5 to stealth and then keep them even. always puttng the odd point on stealth. Lv 3 gouge works pretty good. Long enough to kkeep them stunned for you and a partner to kill the other oppponent in a 2v2 arena.
  21. kelso34201

    lv 10 arena

    Was wondering if I should go 5 root 3 dmg skill or should I go 4 each? Or are these bad ideas??
  22. Its my only quest though so I can't really just skip it. Iv looked everywhere for another one..and swamps is annoying and frusterating..
  23. I am a level 16 rogue and I'm always spamming trade chat for six shadows and can't ever get enough pts for it. So for whoever sees this and needs six shadows post on here and hopefullly we can get enough people for a couple pts! Msg me ingame too my name is Ionz:) :tease:
  24. kelso34201

    arena shaman

    Ok, so, I'm making a damage shaman and I'm going to stop at lv 10 for a while for arena and I'm wondering if I should make quake 5 and ball 3 or the other way around?
  25. Im a rogue and I'm wondering if it wout be better to amp my main hand sword as much as I can or should I split it between my main hand and offhand?
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