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  1. Let's just not expect too much.. But heck! An update! :D hell yeah! A few more days to go!
  2. nah.. It's more like 95% of item break/deamp/loss.
  3. NPC is a good idea. In which one can challenge another player for a duel.
  4. I hope Devs are considering the long before suggested 1vs1 duel option. Pure one on one, no disturbers, no pots, no running.. Just skills (and gears?) And the forum thread about the duel the next day would be very amusing and interesting.
  5. Coolstallone, this topic is interesting. But, checking all links shows that most of the listed clans were inactive for some time. Clan leaders, any updates?
  6. I'm giving up quiet life from time to time taking part with the ongoing war. :D Now I understand "killer" players more. Talk about adrenaline rush! Geez.
  7. Gylenhal


    aw.. Cmon.. How are we suppose to survive deathdancer and pointy eared spy now? ;-(
  8. I guess there would be an increase of demand for priests in terms of farming bosses. Anyway, skill-wise, warlock is so appealing to me. :D
  9. To make it hurt less, im expecting lots of bugs withing the 1st few weeks. Im gonna do bug hunting then and report them so Devs can fix em.. Peace Devs. v ;D v Cheers!
  10. Ok, to clarify things further, every individual player have each of those that are mentioned above in him/her. (there are more than 4 kinds actually but these 4 are the basic ones) Meaning one can kill, explore, achieve goals and socialize. Now the question is which one is dominant with each player? In my case, it is 73%Explorer > 73%Achiever > 40%Socializer > 27%Killer or EASK or AESK. As of now, i'm one of the Explorers/Achievers who enjoys exploring my char's strength, pushing it to it's limit. Now how would i do that? Well by "achieving" goals in quests, "killing" at pvp and "socializing" to gain other's insight. I hope everyone got my point. :D
  11. ;D Forsaken. Just for the heck of it.
  12. Bubuuin nyo pa ba ulit ang Clan nyo dyan sa EU? Nagbabalak kasi ako ng lipat-server sa July 25.
  13. I'm not an old-timer, so what was version like?
  14. So uhm.. Just wondering.. Did Peter got his $300 back?
  15. Hello to Aegis and Hotkid. Thanks for helping me out during the game. Hello to Reinzking too, wherever you are. :D
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