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  1. Now I know where to put the remaining skill points for my druid. =)
  2. I've tried that for the third time now and i'm still getting the v3.0 and not the v3.0.1.
  3. Gylenhal


    er guys.. Why do u keep on saying data catching? =S
  4. Gylenhal


    and here i am thinking i was the only one having the same problem. :D
  5. Cypher - has something to do with cryptography. Greyfox - from the game Metal Gear series. "A cornered fox is deadlier than a slithering snake." -Grayfox Gylenhal - purely random.
  6. sa thread naman pala ni boy ADHD nagsimula eh. Tsk tsk. alam ko, below the belt nga xa pero sana d nalang pinatulan. Bata un eh. Este isip bata palang may "issue" ang childhood. Anyway, i feel sorry sa inyo. Quest nlang tau sa 3.0. Sali nyo ko sa adventures nyo ha.
  7. I like the suggested War Chat. A designated channel for battle commands should lessen enemy spies that are monitoring Trade Chat. Well, not unless the higher ranks is already infiltrated by spies. Hell yeah! The beauty of Art of War. :D
  8. I guess druid's current skills are enough. One should just learn how, when and where to use them. That goes the same with all other classes too.
  9. Gylenhal


    I feel bad for Apple users. :(
  10. sell quest trophies at the market.
  11. You said "for few hours". Do you mean you can sell the item after a couple of hours?
  12. But then again.. Chaosteve said "once ive used the item. " So maybe the item's parameters is "Equipping" or "Receiving" when you bought it. And when you used it, Tsja is right, it will become "Personal" item. So that's it.
  13. I think it is really a glitch. It also happened to me a couple of times before. Items that are not personal (as of now, gears) just can't be posted on Market for selling. No choice but to post them on Trade Chat and wait for interested someone to buy them.
  14. Gylenhal

    Indian community

    Oh, I have several Indian friends outside Warspear.. Nice guys, deep culture. How do u say it? Namasty? Anyways, cheers!
  15. You've been burned.. again? X(
  16. @KAGEVIXEN You are so lucky you have all the time in the world to play. @PRETTYPINAY See you at the dark side. :D @KITTY UNITED Share some candies. :P
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