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  1. In my case, I created an extra character which I use as item keeper. You can transfer non-quest items to that char. Well, it should be on a different acct though, so you can trade with it. But it's extra 15 bag slots anyway.
  2. Exactly. Paladin's heal is a great bonus if he/she is doing solo quests. But during party quests, it is a bonus too, but it will be just a support heal. Once again, it's a matter of knowing when and where you're going to use a specific skill. It brings out a player's insticnt to read the tide of any battle.
  3. Gylenhal

    Level 15+

    My druid is currently level 14. Before the update, i thought i'd stay at that level. But when insect swarm skill was buffed, hey i thought i could use those remaining skill points. So yes, they are right, that's a good reason to level up.
  4. I agree. On elf side, I always prefer a bd as the party tank.
  5. No wonder that the skill is named "blessing". :D
  6. Gylenhal

    Max lv

    Holy macaroni! :shok: I'm stuck at level 14 and there's a plan for level 50.. :facepalm: ;D
  7. I find it pretty useful for my druid specially for boss fights. It gives extra damage while slowing down the target's attacks. And it can be stacked when there are more than one druids in a party. That makes the kill a bit easier. The upgrade is nicely placed.
  8. hmm.. Well because both of u are already priests, i guess im going to start again with a paladin. I hope i can tag along if it's possible. :)
  9. In the event that you receive a daily gift like rune or crystal with "none" parameters, and you don't need it for your gears, look up for a gear at the market that you can apply the enchantment. Buy the gear then enchant it. You can now sell it for a higher"enchanted" price.
  10. Gylenhal

    priest in arena

    Fortunately or unfortunately, priest's heal is unlike druid's or shaman's heal. If so, then priests are more than OP. hehe
  11. I hope this will help but try to download the application again. The version should be v3.0.2, not v3.0.0. Install it and see if it will work.
  12. Mine is gradually becoming more stable now. But it crashes all the same.
  13. Pray that barbs won't have one-hit-kill.
  14. Er.. Those prices are prices from US server. In other servers, I don't have an idea how much.
  15. Fortunately yes, there is. Buy it in the Market or directly from a player with your gold. As of now, the lowest price I've seen is 6.5k in Trade Chat and 7k at Market.
  16. Choosing a faction and class was indeed tougher than I thought. :D Well after some deliberations (and the fear of having my friends being level 12 by the time I've finally chosen), I finally chose to be a paladin. (what a surprise for me)
  17. Hmm.. Both andrewla and kaworu have a point... True Devs kept us in the dark. Anyway, what I did when the game wasn't working yet for my phones was: I turned my phones off (they were bought solely for playing WS), turned on my PS3 and played some Final Fantasy and Metal Gear. And voila! Frustration is abated. Then I tried to again to play WS and it worked!
  18. For someone like me who favors ranged class, tried the melee class paladin and SNP is right, fetters of Justice is a nice skill.
  19. The bees forgot their stings before... Now they brought them with the update. :D
  20. Am I right to assume that you are Candyarchr? If yes, then you're the one talking with that "kid" the other day at Ilhor right? :D Anyway, I'm not sure I can join your upcoming guild but you can add my druid Cypherxx as friend and who knows, We can join together for a party sometimes.
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