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  1. Menu > Quest > Select the quest you want to cancel > Menu > Cancel quest. I hope you follow.
  2. Yeah, I was asking that same question myself. How in the world another player stole it from you?
  3. ..and with scarcity of gold, it really is disheartening to find yourself at respawn statue after being killed by mobs while doing quests, and all gears are damaged with 10pts. I think, a better server stability would be much appreciated.
  4. I agree that tanks should always be at a visible position. I, as healer, could heal the right person at a right time. Nice insights.
  5. Maybe it's made of strong light material. :D Like titanium. Or adamantium maybe. Well anyway, I think that's a bonus for paladins for strong and fast attacks.
  6. Hey SNP, if you need a healer just PM me on those dates. The druid's name is Cypherxx. It's heal is just 196 but I guess it's enough for FB 1st map's red crown bosses.
  7. Try to finish all regular yellow quests at first 3 towns. With luck, you could find high level players that are doing their daily quests or farming near ur target so you can join their party and finish your boss quests. Just ask nicely and they will most likely let you join. If they don't, just be patient. Now, when you finish all those and unlocked the yellow quests at nadir-sard, look for Kaima at the northern part of Nadir. Accept and finish all quest first from that NPC. Since you are a necro, eventually, you'll end up with Granite Guard boss quest. Again be patient to wait for farmers there and the award is a decent level 14 weapon. With that, you are one step nearer to receive party invitation from farmers. :)
  8. I think it's not a bug. It's just that forsaken chars have high energy regen.
  9. Actually, I find mc's more closely bonded than elves. It's just that there are more elves and chosen players. I'm currently doing chainless quests now on mc/forsaken side and I find it easier to do quests compared when I'm doing it on my fb. Hmm.. Maybe it's just my good luck, but that's my observation from experience.
  10. Gylenhal


    Typing 4 lettered 'elfs' saves about 1 second. :D Time is precious specially at war time. Nevertheless, 'elves' is the correct term.
  11. what does 'to find a common language with the enemies' literally means? :D hmm interesting.
  12. Gylenhal


    In my case, I've waited for one cow with the green ? above it to respawn. It seems I can't find the fourth one either.
  13. Well those are mobs and mobs are suppose to attack the player's char. Be thankful that fairies became neutral mobs after the update. They are pain in the ass before.
  14. The difference between 'receiving' and 'equipping' is the time the gear will be 'personal'. Meaning the gear will turn 'personal' when you received the Flaming Warhammer, while the Ancient one will remain 'receiving' unless you equipt it to your char. Anyway, I suggest that you aim to aquire both simply because having two weapons on your inventory is just so cool.
  15. You mean all those 'personal' level 9 gears are sufficient enough to win adequate arena battles? Interesting.
  16. Nice. You have just given me another reason to level up. :D
  17. Keep an eye open for a rare ring called Excellent Signet. It has both astral and moon bonus with it. And always go for gears with astral bonus.
  18. haha. I agree with you. Everytime I look at my paladin, it always reminds me of the pirate captain back at the fb 1st map. I've also expected paladins as sword wielding melee class, but I guess devs had overlooked that. Hope they could, and would fix it.
  19. Try to enchant your belt, rings and amulet with rune of fortitude to boost up some hp.
  20. Gylenhal

    Insulting ingame

    Do your own thing and stick with your values. That makes you who you are. :) And ofc everyone has bad sides. What matters most is you can keep your dark side at bay. That makes a whole lot difference. Cheers! And oh, it makes me sad that I know that disrespectful guy.
  21. Master Yoda, is that you? Just kidding skadii.. :D anyway, i support the suggestion too. Cheers!
  22. In case that you haven't done the boss quest yet, try to gather other questor friends and make a party. Spider queen quest is one of those "party quests" that you really need other players' help for you to accomplish the task. And in case you're done with it, cheers! Expect more of those kinds of quests. :)
  23. The most common reason for them to ask gold is they need it for repair. But heck, how much damage a first map boss would it cost them? So yes, it's a lack of moral and empathy. :/
  24. It's always Holloween at Moraktar. :D
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