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  1. you were all set up. just look at the date of this topic  :lol:



    No really, I think it all make sense to me.



    to insure using less signs for a success amp u must use 1sign on 1item each wsd and no u cant use another item or same item when u fail cuz u have to focus on 1 but if u get a success u can use ur second sign in same wsd on same item or another one ur choice :) i choose to amp all gear same + like when my gloves r +8 ill go to amp belt from +7 to +8 :blush:



    Thanks, I think I got it.

  2. I have a question. Given that you have multiple signs, and you amp let's say for example your gloves and failed. You said stop and wait for the next wsd. But can you still amp your other gears (ie.: boots, armor, cape, etc..) on the same wsd? Or it would be higher percentage of failures for those subsequent ampings of different gears on the same wsd?

  3. Well , I've noticed that im hated because my ganking times ... So , i came here trying to apologize myself ... I know i won't sleep hated and wake up loved , it takes time to have a new opinion of somebody that you don't even have talked before ... some peoples hate me in forum for been a show off guy , anothers hate me for beeing a ganker , anothers hate me for some else causes ...



    Well , from 1 weeks ago i stopped ganking , i don't participe in wars at pvp cave anymore and that stuffs , i stopped to show off 24/7 my items and that stupid things i used to do ...

    I would like to know , from Elves and Mcs if you guys just give me another chance to stop beeing that selfish kid i've showed before ... i would appreciate it from all my big heart  :'(



    Well , i know it depends of you , so please leave your comments of what you think i should fix in myself , like stop beeing a stupid noob and that stuffs ...



    I'll try to absorb the hints of you guys in every comments , i wish you give me another chance :give_rose:



    From all my apologized heart ,

    Debuffer .



    Tough guts you've got there.. Even at war, RESPECT is valuable and that is what you've earned.

  4. I was really disheartened when  it was reduced from 5x5 to 3x3,  but I still find earthquake pretty useful for pvp regardless. Besides, when doing pvp fight around mobs (like around Nadir), I don't have to worry to much that mobs will be included inside the earthquake radius and subsequently start targeting the caster. It's just about having a sunny point of view.

  5. Lol im the only one clean here no+es or -es

    This is pretty mutch because im natural and always try to direct my posts accuryticly(except for this one  :lol: )



    not anymore... ;D

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