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  1. Think again Jaw, you just admitted you got my other forum account banned. YOU have the big mouth and cried to the mods. Did I use the wrong cigarette brand in the pics? You really smoke Capri or Virginia Slims?
  2. LMAO! forum ban again? THis was the first time, and it's only a temporary ban. You are pathetic crying to devs over a smoke in your picture. Forum mods: I'd like to get this cry baby carebear banned. His lameness is offending me.
  3. Thanks Nessa :) That forum signature pic of yours is hilarious
  4. Log into game and answer your own question :)
  5. How how about best use of photoshop contest? As long as it has something warspear related in it?
  6. Nice pic Cia. Yea you should have won something. My pic should have won at least the Tiddy bowl award.
  7. Congrats winners! At least my pic could have gotten the Tiddy Bowl award. :yahoo:
  8. LOL. Maybe I should have included his smoke of choice...Virginia Ultra Slims
  9. Do any of those commercial products you can get at GNC even work?
  10. Hardly, Mr. Zac Efron. He got more creative and made an animated gif. You can't even style your hair correctly.
  11. Depends on how you define 'champ'. This is more of a popularity contest question, and everyone will give their own opinion. Usually about their own clique of friends. This is a pay to win game, so noone is a champ. You might better term your question, 'who is a really great player'. One who is involved. one who helps and participates with people they don't know, not just their own circle of friends/clan. I know my friends help people they don't know. A person I don't know is EdStark, and I've seen him help noobs on 1st island with boss kills. These are on US Saphire server.
  12. Any class is good, if you take the time to learn to play them. If you want a carebear OP class, choose Ranger then, and max out Blessing. But you won't have respect playing that class. Play a shaman if you want a real fun solid class, with cool control skills. Play a rogue if you enjoy pvp 80% of the time. Rogues are great for ganking on elf side. Blade Dancer is boring in my opinion, i don't play mine anymore. I can't comment on Druid or Barb, as I don't play those.
  13. Lobotomized people won't get it. That's understandable. Let me draw it real simple for you. It's called humor. Not sure what you mean by 'make someone bored'. But the way I see it, it's my time to do with it what I will. If I want to use Photoshop, as opposed to sitting in Riff chatting, then I will. Nothing you can do about it haha.
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