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  1. Thank you and congratulations to another winners :) :drinks:
  2. EU Emerald - Mountain Clans - Rogue
  3. Ughh..Rogue stealth sucks now.Too bad they need to change everything what were perfect..
  4. Changed font a lil bit , had few mistakes lol
  5. Kecox

    Scammer DENIED!!

    Haha good one , I had same thing with another person who wanted to give me free miracle coins lol.I also trolled him by giving him fake email :P
  6. Yea they are much better than old ones. Thank you :)
  7. Haha lol :D Last one is funny xD
  8. Well done! It's correct one :good: How did u noticed?xD
  9. Thx a lot Catalonia :) And EpicNinja098 one picture is really from skyrim :P Guess what which one? xD
  10. Finally it's done , I'm not going to edit it anymore lol xD
  11. Thank you for a comment :) I was thinking same about my first picture.It's a little bit boring and not much "action" there as u said :P Certainly I will change my first picture in 1-3 days maybe even today if I get some time to deal with it. ::)
  12. Well I totally changed 2 pictures , feel free to comment :)
  13. Poor elves .. But great posters anyway :good: :)
  14. Kecox


    lol why you people using same idea what snorlax did?
  15. Looks good bro :) First picture is the best one ;)
  16. Woop! I just added third poster and changed some texts.So let me know what u think about them. :)
  17. Thx , I know it's not the best one but I tried :P And I'm going to add third picture later :)
  18. I really appriciate if someone leave a comment about my poster.It's really important for me :) and I also might change poster a little bit..
  19. I changed my poster a lil bit , I hope it's better now :)
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