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  1. so you guys actually support this? they think they own everything so you gonna let them act like they own everything? also,makes no sense,aren't legionnaires and sentinels suppoed to be enemies?
  2. aren't they supposed so be enemies? what are they doing? 😄 no,seriously,why the mage or the sithlords aren't attacking each other? this goes againts the rules(making alliance with enemy factions)
  3. f also how the hell can you swear and not getting banned? there is something i missed?
  4. i don't spread hate,i express my anger,unlike what you think,i like to se this as "a problem that i have and you shouldn't mind to much" but as always,people interpretaste things as they want
  5. it's funny how you are calling me toxic,dude,don’t include me with the rest of numbskulls,i'd rather be death than being part of a toxic comunity also,i barely speak on world chat,the lack of intelligence there is too high
  6. and i though i checked the comunity rules also,how ironic,the forum is peacefull but the game is an entire chaos also,what do you expect? elves only ruin others day,it's nearly impossible for me not seeking to express my anger i'm alone in the game the 99% the time
  7. do you know i'm not joking,right?
  8. Rayotenper

    Thank you

    do you want to see my reason for playing?
  9. still, annoying,and also,i had to do something in real life,seriously i really hate the kill player quests,it only brings chaos and annoyance for the weaker players and other players in general is the pvp tavern a joke to you?
  10. things i have to do every day,alone,or with minions if i'm lucky no matter if the game is party-playthrough intended,there will be always lone warriors(that doesn't mean i don't know how to use my class in groups)
  11. this is technicall pvp,so it though i could submit it right here,if i was wrong,well,dang it i though i wasted my time,but then this idiot appears,remember, sentinels are toxic
  12. so i killed stuncyclez at last,and a noob mage spawns,and runs away,sure,all sentinels are cowards,nova,if you're seing this,You- You can't send messages on the chat for 1 minute
  13. no,it won't help me,besides,i would be exposed to orher players well,i hate it,it's like yo're busy at work and someone spill coffe on your desk and computer sorry but i'm not gonna listen to you
  14. well look,here we got a good example among the other bad examples,it is you no,in my case,i want o let them know that they messed with the wrong guy
  15. that won't work that won't work,dummies are dummies
  16. the 30% are minions and the spring event,not to mention dailies with random prices and elite mobs that got skills and are truly challenging the 70% is that this game is online multiplayer only,pay to win,a toxic comunity alike League of Legends(never played it,never will),very hard to progress,lack of coop in comunity,etc
  17. if they quit,then you won't get rid of me i only got a lvl 29 staff amped to +8(it's the highest amp staff i have),and a lvl 27 robe which was the wrong one,and lcl 27 gloves,anyway those 2 need to be replaced no, those easy to kill player are only easy with a whole army behind you sorry but i don't go a disturb others,they will think i'm like my pseudo-allies i hate arena,i only go for seal win lose i forgot to say,no matter if the game is party-playthrough intended,there still will lone wolves,no to mention that getting help is near
  18. huh,i'll let your soul live for another day
  19. so now you're conspiring againts me....okay....okay....catch me if you can
  20. well guess what? it's even harder thanks to the "beautiful" comunity we have 🙂
  21. it's not a hate-love warspear,i like the game in 30%,but i hate the comunity in 100%
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