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  1. aaaaand again,the most coward of the classes appears they are driving me nuts No thank you,you don't want me to become not-nice,specially on forum
  2. Source: If undertale was realistic so true
  3. this anwser was so funny that i feel a little bad for you
  4. okay,is it possible to fix it in some way
  5. huh? i'm sorry,what are you trying to say?
  6. it was a comparision multiplayer online with strangers can never be taken lightly also,consider that in this game,lik any MMO,your actions cannot be undone
  7. legion and sentinels being friends it's like terrorist and cops being friends
  8. still,i remember when a bunch of sentinels attacked irselnort,buuuu was therend the sentinels didn't attacked buuuu isn't that suspicious?
  9. they made one of the few songs i like from the game,wish i could download it
  10. i was talking about legionnaires and sentinels making an alliance
  11. socializing it's not my strong point,besides,there are so many empty skulls in the server,and almost for not saying all my friends are busy on something that's why i trust minions millions of times more than players,their availability is unbeatable
  12. gladiators weakness is the mobs resilience makes you weaker againts mobs
  13. actually i have suggestions,but they have nothing to do with this when did i complained about opposite alliances not fighting?
  14. and i'm not talking about killing mons
  15. thanks for the advice,i though that this would be out of place i hate rangers a lot,their dmg is ridiculously high,not to mention they are overused
  16. i have no words,you already surpassed me but i never ignore people that speaks other language unless they give me a good reason
  17. i have 488 people on ignored,and if you don't think so,check this out wait,so you DID reach the limit of ignored people? holy smokes!
  18. for me,all the time is fine, specially if i never get killed by any player i got more than 1 migrane for elves fault besides,nobody will help me,only minions do
  19. no,i would be gratefull if nothing kills me,t5 mobs are already obnoxius as druids and any class with stun cycles you'll have to stay 30 minutes and see the kind of stuff that people say
  20. great,nothing makes sene,imagine if the npcs could interact with us,they would be questioning us hahahahahahaha nice one xD nah,if it's npcs,makes sense about my side,i have no faith on the legion anymore,it's just me doing my tasks
  21. he throwed gouge(dunno how's written on english) at him
  22. so you guys actually support this? they think they own everything so you gonna let them act like they own everything? also,makes no sense,aren't legionnaires and sentinels suppoed to be enemies?
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