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  1. again,they only display as a video once i hit edit topic button at this point i don't know what to do
  2. oh,so after typing everything i have to do is wait? how come i didn't thought about it? thank you edit: sorry,your instructions were obvious and unclear,also,they show as a video RIGHT after i click "edit post" or "post",i tried waiting but it took longer than expected and nothing happened
  3. i was thinking on doing a summary,but i'm too tired,to be honest,so,instead,i'll post links of videos that talk about the importance of multiplayer bots of videogames,i suggest you to watch all of them if you want to,and have enough time ¿for MMORPGs? i'm not sure,but i'm open for discuss about it,anyway,here are the links (i'm currently having issues to display the videos instead as showing them as links,if somebody can help me i would be grateful about it) https://youtu.be/zgc-p79L2cE https://youtu.be/JnZMtX5AEp0
  4. big spender also,it's obvious you're not like me who's: on warspear online and alchemia story(this game launches more events than warspear itself,and slacking off here has a big price),on a inactive guild(it's one of the few places where i'm free of problems)
  5. oh, i'll take the suggestion so you liked the songs? very well them,i'll personally send you the respective links to the songs one thing from event that makes me mad is that there's already a lot of people who's already passed the first 2 semesters,and me,still stuck in the first semester
  6. really? or you're just being kind?
  7. i couldn't fix the link thing,i apologize
  8. keep in mind that this is my first time,this was recorded days ago,now i run the dg in other way,which i'll gladly record if i get the chance Don't criticize me for using health posions,besides i have a lot of them on my bag,they saved me more than once,sometimes it doesn't work,but,i need them I'm not good at editing,and if you don't like my music selection,simply mute the video
  9. of course,and that's why i love spring over any event
  10. it's not that i know,it's just what i see,also,i forgot to name other issues
  11. besides,you don't have to face this issues: -Finding a party -Wait -Party Size -Partymates power -Time limit -Betrayal and afks
  12. whatever,just gonna wait until spring falls,as far as i know,it's the only event that's worth it
  13. punishing in my case is futile,i would explain why,but i'm afraid that it can't be spoken in public i admit i blew it,i know,but i just didn't saw how to do the dungeon entirely
  14. the comunity gets the credit for the toxicity though
  15. is it possible to know why please? i'd like to know well thank you,that's all you had to say
  16. actually,it's just a "watch and tell me what you think" also,i wanted to burn that guy after how he behave
  17. take a look at this,i'm open for anwsering questions oh,and btw,take a look at this too,it happened after i paused the video
  18. i it was all thanks to the ambiance providen by the comunity,i feel no proud of it though,i prefer the ambiance of OTHER game i'm playing i'm just saying what i think also,my intention is not create drama,just tell my opinion,listen to it or not it's part of your decition
  19. haha,not really,people who show-off often get terrible consequences one day this is just a small revenge of my part to a poor excuse of "player"
  20. stupid favoritism forgot to say,i think russians(most,not everyone) will ignore anything,i think,for them,money is more important than people to be fair,greedy people come from anywhere,but,since devs are showing 0 form of empathy,this is what i think it's gonna sound like the most offensive [OOF] you ever read,and i want to highlight all the i thinks with a green mark
  21. nothing personal.....unless?
  22. that's why this comunity is so bad
  23. social problems and that makes me wanna point them with a gun devs don't put love and passion on the game,they put greed and selfishness
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