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  1. 12 hours ago, Higgings said:


    I might seem harsh but that's exactly the best moment a hunter should choose to kill a player. Especially if said player is strong and is struggling with other content

    i have a kill player quest uncomplete since months and i'm not complaining or being a coward


    12 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

    If i was doing some quest that required me to kill certain amount of players that is exactly when i would attack because they would have to choose between attacking me or mob and weakest ones are easiest to kill 


    I dont think that many people are going to make their questing easier just to make ypu feel better 

    I did like 1 or 2 quests in underwater territory before doing attack on ship and descent into grotto with guild enough to get flippers and helmet and then i completed rest of the yellow quests

    you're gonna make me do this? okay


    Perfection: first guild i got in when i started playing,i had to go cuz it was inactive,but i will remember them with all respect


    DeepImpact: another guild i went in,leader was quite a troll,i also went out from there cuz it was inactive as well


    Swiftfate: yet another guild,active,i had many problems and i used to complain a lot,i got kicked from there like 3 times,some time later a friend told me that the leader it's a two-face,am banned from thid guild


    TheForlorn: one guild i surely liked,i had most of kicks and leaves in this one, it was thanks to the leader that the Elf Reaper got born (because i needed the costume of The Rider of Apocalypse)


    BADxJUJU: i didn't lasted much in this one, i didn't dven had the chance to meet the leader


    The current one i'm staying is GreenThumb(i can't hide it considering i record and upload videos), it's quite chill not gonna lie,there are some details i will avoid mentioning,but overall everything nice,we are currently unable to do t5 guild events due we need 30-40 members of levels 28 to 32 and not all of us are strong,which means i'm doomed to struggle in t5 forever until a miracle happens(which probably won't happen)


    And if you're gonna suggest me entering on the Sithlords,no, these one's are under the leadership of Buuuuu,ally of the elves(which violates the entire concept of the game),they have an extension guild called outlaw


    In conclusion: am privated of biggest sources of Doubloons due the conditions set by the devs,and let me tell you something, US-Sapphire doesn't have the nicest people,specially on the Sentinel side where lots are toxic(which is funny cuz you said i was acting toxic but yet in the forum this is not allowed, not thay i say that acting toxic is good, cuz it's not), not to mention that Legionnaires steal from other Legionnaires, just what side sre you in?


    anyway,just that


    17 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

    And if you need to kill 20 players of level 19 and above do you go after the level 32's with pvp sets or level 19's who die much faster

    dude,um,i hate pvp,i avoid it,everytime an elf attacks me my body thinks i'm in danger, making me nervous

  2. 55 minutes ago, Jcbreff said:

    if those elfs have quests to kill enough enemy players or kill certain classes then theyre questers too

    that doesn't mean kill people in the WORST moment and aiming for the weakest


    it costs me time and patience,not to mention i'm slow in water compared to many players because i don't have the dang flippers


    it's very discouraging

  3. 13 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

    Or then your team just simply wasnt as strong because just outnumbering the enemy can give you an advantage


    Ans that is a problem for different topic, not this



    it's SERIOUSLY questing in peace asking too much??


    i ran away from another seeker and this "guy" caugh me in the worst moment


    by everything that is holy! just leave me alone! only the cowards go for the weakest players!

  4. 59 minutes ago, Jcbreff said:

    you can use buffs yourself 


    if you want to instant demand on pc you can just hold down f2 key but on phone you cant, and if they are using autoclickers then you'd think they would be afk and wouldnt be able to defeat you in arena match

    the elves got too much power,and too many shields


    2 seem to be enough to win againts 3 since bladedancers ARE STUPIDLY BROKEN


    and no,the buffs he has got beyond of my reach and i can't outrun that


  5. 2 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

    And what do buffs have to do with harassment?


    What do you benefit from auto clicker in arena?


    the buffs make him stronger which in my opinion it's a cheap move


    the auto clickers makes the elf capable of 24/7 blocking other players doing other kind of stuff like "win lose"

  6. On 11/5/2021 at 6:39 AM, Jcbreff said:

    If by harassing you mean killing you in gvg then no


    but if he has threatened or otherwise harassed you or your friends via message then maybe 

    that guys was full of buffs


    we got to a point were they also cheat by using auto-clickers on arena


    On 11/5/2021 at 6:39 AM, Jcbreff said:

    If by harassing you mean killing you in gvg then no


    but if he has threatened or otherwise harassed you or your friends via message then maybe 

    blocking other players in events can be considered againts the rules? i beleive so because everyone has the right to participate if they want so


    i really hate this guy and nearly every single sentinel player in existence

  7. Note: if you wonder why the voices sound the way they sound in the song, you probably never played or saw Friday Night Funkin' on youtube




    i had to put this video in Tavern since it doesn't fit for any category of the "videos" section


    after all it's just me giving a piece of my mind

  8. 1 hour ago, Nolan said:

    I'm not really sure how you approach other players, but what you described isn't a common thing.


    Obviously you wouldn't expect someone to stop everything they're doing to help you, but you might find a bunch of other players who also have the same quest. 


    It's all about being friendly towards others and socialising. :smile:

    okay,let me tell you something that happened when i needed the termintary


    I was asking for help in the world chat so i can get the termitary done and advance to the next dector,but,people was entirely focused on a battle that involved Alexisgood(A scammer which i hate,all i know is that he moved to the elf side), eventually i stopped asking for help


    and i think you NEVER been on US-Sapphire in your entire game time,seriously


    also,generally i'm nice,but people over there take out the worst part of me


    also,i i lost a lot of durabilty thanks to this stupid elites making me go near the mobs

  9. On 11/1/2021 at 5:35 AM, Nolan said:

    They're elite monsters, they're meant to be difficult.


    If you're not being able to do it solo, you should consider calling some people to help you.

    ugh,dude,how i tell you this...?


    NO....BODY....WILL....HELP ME


    Community it's not know for being usefull,diigent and nice,all the opposite


    it's known for being selfish,greedy,toxic and lazy,and the elf side are a bunch of cowards(because they kill weaker players and run away)


    and another issue that probably happened forever it's the lack of gear supply,but that's another topic


    my point is,people are too "busy" doing who-knows-what,so am forced to do it myself with the Event Minion Skill,since it's the only thing that ACTUALLY helps me the most(this doesn't mean i don't thank people who helps me)


    Why do some elites must have fear? it's just as annoying as sentinels(and some legionnaires),not to mention their stupid range of reach that RESETS their entire health and fear has high chances to dragging me to the freaking mobs and killing me on the process


    I need an explanation please


    Oh,and i still have problems trying to get the link convert into a video,and i still don't know how to solve it no matter how much i wait


  11. On 5/12/2021 at 12:40 PM, Drakoknight said:

    No. Warspear Online is specifically a mmorpg. Meaning it's a social game allowing people to use builds they like and not worry about min-maxing. Having solo dungeons will force people to min-max and generally make the game not fun at all

    at least they won't have people insulting or blaming them


    also,the game ain't fun anyway

  12. this is the tabern ¿right? anything that goes beyond warspear online goes in the tabern ¿right?


    i decided to record a DG run in Alchemia Story to show how they are done


    unlike warspear online: You have to defeat an enemy group to pass forward,you have 5 minutes to kill boss,there are not much DGs and there are no event DGs,most of dgs can be done solo with enough power




    some stuff i forgot to say in the video:


    -Enemy group size goes to 1 to 3

    -Classes in alchemia story are called "Jobs" and you can change them as much as you like,they are divided by 3 ranks,and there are 34 classes in total(28 of them makes you stronger as you level them up and 6 of them only gives you stats when equipped)


    and i gotta stop or else this is never gonna post(and i still have the video thingie problem)

  13. On 4/15/2021 at 4:23 AM, Higgings said:


    Everytime you received a restriction we have also written a clear reason of why of this measure. Forgive me, but you shall just keep speaking about the topic's subject (because we are slowly turning it into one of your several other topics all around the forum) and seriously refrain from acting like a victim, at least when it comes to restrictions given. 


    If nothing more needs to be added here, then there's no reason to keep the topic opened to let other themes not related to the topic itself be discussed. 

    then,how about this?


    i'm gonna post a topic about players and guilds using innapropiate names and asking the devs WHY they allow it?


    Game is E+10,not A+21


    do you even agree?

  14. 21 hours ago, Nosotraes said:

    The majority of my time played was lonewolfing PvE stuff on US. It has always (in my eyes) been a chill experience.


    Could also be possible that I just never saw an entire part of the community.

    so never got ganked huh? how you do it?


    22 hours ago, GalaxyRekt said:

    That's not really their fault though :dunno:Warspear's game design has always been bad in many ways (it got way better recently though) when we are talking about competitive game modes such as arena and world events. But that's fine because it is not easy to create game mechanics that will work fine for every server and will be abuse proof.

    For example, they recently changed the 5x5 and it is awesome now (except for the AFK accounts). 

    still,the wrong players took over something and behaving like they own the world


    21 hours ago, Nosotraes said:

    The majority of my time played was lonewolfing PvE stuff on US. It has always (in my eyes) been a chill experience.


    Could also be possible that I just never saw an entire part of the community.

    also,want to know something funny? posts where i complain gets more attention than me speaking of any other topic


    but it's not like i'm trying to get attention(unless i give suggestions to improve the game),and i can't complain anymore because these "peopl" got their eyes on me,one lf the things that really makes me angry is being watched constantly,like,dude,leave me alone,i'm not a criminal,serial killer or a member of the mafia,playing by the rules is one of my priorities(except that i got muted 3 times in a row because apparently the tolerance here is pretty alike to twitter,maybe it's just me),and i don't need to be watched over

  15. On 4/12/2021 at 11:24 PM, Higgings said:


    Miracle coins. Invest on pvp items and books. Join a high lvl guild, spend time and patience on imperials of greatness so that you can get very good arena items and eventually Compete against them.


    There are solutions, just they're not easy to get. Yet, they remain solutions

    are you serious?:pin6: spending money mindlessly just for winning is one of the most stupidest things you can do,besides,remember what i said before,those people believe they own the game(when it's actually owned by a russian company)


    On 4/12/2021 at 11:25 PM, GalaxyRekt said:

    Tbh it is better that way. Arena should be dominated by strong players.

    here is the big problem: the Sithlords make deals with elves,which destroys the entire concept of the game


    also,sithlords aren't known for being the nicest players


    15 hours ago, GalaxyRekt said:

    Have you ever played an online game?

    i doubt he even entered on warspear online


    21 hours ago, Nosotraes said:

    Forgive me for actually asking this again, but do you know why this happens to you specifically?

    None of these are really that common afaik.

    no idea,maybe you play in another server which don't have the same problems


    15 hours ago, GalaxyRekt said:

    Have you ever played an online game?

    not to mention that encloses the chances of other players to get gears, which is far too selfish

  16. 22 hours ago, GalaxyRekt said:


    On 4/11/2021 at 3:46 PM, Nosotraes said:

    Arena is way too dynamic for modern bots to compete.

    just so you know,arena is overruned by elves and fil- ahem "Sith Lords"


    which makes it impossible to have a victory or even get into a fight


    any suggestions?


  17. 4 hours ago, GalaxyRekt said:

    In very specific tasks bots will be way stronger than human players. Of course it is a very bad idea for a MMORPG but it is totally possible (and actually simple) to build a model that will compete with players on arena, for example.

    sorry for butting in like this


    But yeah,you may be right,bots in MMOs are bad idea


    but for any other kind of multiplayer game which is not MMO,is necessary

  18. 4 hours ago, Nosotraes said:

    You see the thing is, currently players will ALWAYS outclass and outsmart bots in every possible way, making bots pretty much useless, especially when you model them after players with player-like gear. The only way this can be averted is to give them massive buffs. Take for example Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you played it, you probably know that you can get NPC companions. The only reason those are relevant is because they receive massive buffs and can effectively out-heal and out-dps you because of those buffs.


    Another thing is that the point of MMORPG's is to interact with other players. You take away the human element, why even bother with multiplayer in the first place? How will those "players" communicate? Teach them to use world chat properly? Time consuming and very likely not worth it. Have them respond to certain keywords in a certain matter? This can easily be abused. I am not quite sure about economy, but you will likely run into the same problem: too time consuming.


    I understand your point, and I wouldn't mind having them in-game. It's probably just not going to happen.


    Besides, we got minions.

    minions have limited time,and costs money,and they are not aware of their infinite energy


    The partner you get in Alchemia Story makes you company forever,besides of getting stronger and help you in a great variety od things,in the game,the partners are called YOME,(It stands for "Your Own Meet Everyday" on the game,but in japanese,if i'm not wrong,means wife, however,the relationship that your character and the partner has,it's "Travel Partners"),they help you in combat(of course,if you enter first on battle,if not,she/he won't spawn) in most of places,they can't go places such as Guerrilla events and the basement in the Tower of Time,not to mention the pretest for rank 3 classes


    also,yes,bots may not be as good as players,but still,they served us for a long time(and they still do),and do things humans can't,such as:


    Giving more Access to the game

    Provide training for new players or casual players before jumping online Multiplayer

    Being the most tolerant & well behaved players in the world despite of not being humans,the perfect solution for hacker infested servers

    Being capable of play on any map,any game mode,any time,any rule supply

    Preserve and inmoralize the videogames (if you think the opposite,why titanfall multiplayer is death?)

    Making the game playable despite of not having internet


    This is what human players done to me:




    Give me migranes

    Take the worst of me


    Ignore me when i need help

    Reject me


    They are badly behaved just for the stupid fact that they are behind a screen


    Yes,bots may not outsmart human players,but they have their own strenghts


    And i beleive you didn't saw ANY of the videos i posted,but well,it's not like i'm forcing you or something

  19. 22 hours ago, Nosotraes said:

    That really depends on the game. One MMO game that I play has relatively complex mechanics so creating bots there is next to impossible.

    as i said,for MMORPGs is needed a discussion,but if you want a good example of a MMORPG who applies it correctly (i beleive) it's Puzzle Pirates,this game adds NPCs on taberns which you can challenge to some minigames


    If you're a captain of a boat and got no crew,you can simply add a crew filled with NPCs,which is a great addition let me tell you


    But for multiplayer games,it's not fully necessary to have a campaign,they are on their right to not have a campaign,but it's necessary to have THAT single player option,i just hope you saw at least some of the videos

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