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  1. Dorej

    elf vs mc

    Many ppl call me noob cuz i dnt atk mc unless provoked first. Bit wirh my equip i have a pretty good balance of strength and phys def along with moon and dark def. I consider myself prettt stronf..........hi jaw yes i still play ::)
  2. Gm plz pay attention to old players n the swapz. I have had mny different accounts since warspear came out. Yet at the swapz im not gettin very many gud items but newbies get the best equipment. I cant afford mcoin but i work hard and earn my gold alone by questing and sellin items. Im not the only one that feelz this way. Ive heard mny ppl say the same thing. We are dedicated so plz GM PAY ATTENTION TO OLD PLAYERS TOO. :aggressive:
  3. Dorej

    Norlant Swamps

    Its funny u say rich ppl can only go swampz im definetelt not rich but i have a lvl 20 druid and n my opinion healing classes r the best way to navigate the swapz.
  4. Gm pay attention to us old players too i have had many different accounts since warspear furst came out. Now on the new island norlant swamps i cant get hardly any gud items but yet all the newbi chars get the best stuff. I cant afford mcoin but i work hard and earn all my gold alon. Im not the only one that feels this way either. I hear alot of people say the same thing. PAY ATTENTION TO OLD PLAYERS PLZ :wacko:
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