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  1. Why you all fear them removing castle pots from using during arena battle so much? I don’t see the problem taking them out. It should’ve never been allowed either way. We don’t care about the heal castle pots being used as it is a buff. But being able to use pots during arena battle should be withdrawn from the game. Do you not agree? Or do you agree because you simply need them to win vs elf. I’ve personally seen you spam atleast 6-7 purification/tele castle pots in arena you know they benefit mc more, that’s why you fear of them being removed so much. Admit it. We all know you depend heavily on them. You’re a joke without them. Never taken seriously
  2. Can you name them then? All shamans use earthquake 1/5 lol so that’s exempt. You said stun/control skills. Mcs have multiple stuns we can’t remove which last 5+ sec long.. barb rush/shield strike, shaman blind, warlock stun pool/fear, rogue new stun “which is broken asf” , necros sleep skill “this skill can be cycled 24/7 in a 2v2 match” which again is broken asf. It’s not fair that we can’t remove any of those but you can remove our main control skills such as Druids root skill, Paladin fetters skill, rangers cage skill, priest armistice skill. Purification pots only benefit elves by removing debuffs vs mc… mcs remove all of elves long duration control skills with purify pots… so it would be fair to take them out the game correct? You sound worried about purification pots being removed from arena, that’s how you know it benefits mcs more.
  3. I still suggest removing them from arena all together. Most of the mc skills you named that could be removed by purify pots are not even worth removing. We want to remove stuns/control skills just as you mcs do, not debuffs and other bs.
  4. You have never been more right.. I agree to remove them from arena all together.. that will be a good start towards “balancing” the game. Purify Pots from castle can be much more beneficial for MC. They literally spam them all match to remove controlling effects from elves: Roots, Fetters, Cage, Hamstring, Chains, more than half of our decent and main stuns gets removed by a single pot. I’d honestly say they use a set each arena match. Whilst elves cant even remove any of MC stuns. Seems kinda unfair and sus to me.
  5. That’s a lie lol. You just suck. Everyone tanks rangers so if you die easily to one you just suck. Chieftains/Shamans/Barbs/Necro/Dk all can tank rangers and make ranger damage less than 500 on them, that’s with a +10 bow. So I definitely think they should boost the chance of bless to atleast 65%
  6. Yea but rangers are now crap. Our damage is nothing nowadays. Rangers are also the softest class. We have no support skills whatsoever.
  7. Everything you suggested in this quote is heavily one sided towards mc. It seems you only want mc to over power elf because you’re tired of losing to elves. If they don’t plan on balancing mc chars like shaman and rogue then bds doesn’t need a nerf stop crying as they told me and deal with it.
  8. We fight every legion faction in the game including elves how is that one sided? you don’t seem to understand where I’m coming from and that’s fine, I wouldn’t expect anyone mc to. Yea ok. And no ones being aggressive maybe I’m just hitting a nerve we are engaging in a verbal altercation. If I swore or cursed then that would be aggressive my friend. But hey you got it mr admin I’ve considered every statement and argument you held about the support elves had I just don’t agree with them, simple.
  9. Most of the enemies my guild and alliances face have them actually all enemies have access to them. So you are wrong about that. Lol I’ve been playing ranger for 3 years or more I’ve played ranger when it was actually decent up to now even after all the nerfs so how am I used to playing broken characters we aren’t the brokens one, it’s shamans and bds but you’re not ready for that convo since you consider them balanced if you are a player like the rest of us you obviously haven’t fought the wars we have. Like I said before every enemy we face has purify pots, no such thing as a perma stun cycle in the era we play now. You seem to be stuck in the era where resist didn’t exist And how can you compare books to castle pots lol? Distortion book is 5-8m in US server, that is about 400$-500$ not everyone can afford or is even willing to purchase miracle coins to buy in-game items. Isn’t that the same as people not having access to “3rd items”? Books are worth 1000x more than castle buffs. So for you to mention that is absurd and a lack of knowledge. (P.S I have books and did consider them)
  10. They nerfed everything about ranger and sais ranger doesn’t need rework. Lmao they are a joke this game is a joke. Meanwhile buffing every mc class.
  11. Lol how long does that sacred shield last? How long is the cd on it? I’ll wait. Now think about the debuffs mc has that they can spam 24/7, totem of weakness from shaman, Roar from barb, pit from necro. Roar and totem of weakness affects the entire group. And they can last 24/7 if not resisted or avoided. Also, they’re Not one target. Are we playing the same game?
  12. And how is foj useful when all mcs do is spam purify pots lol.. nearly any stun elf has can be remove with purify pots meanwhile mcs stuns are unavoidable and not removable. Charmers stuns, shaman blind, locks pool, rogues stuns, necro sleep. Meanwhile, they can remove our druids sleep, rangers cage, bds hamstring, pala foj, priest armistice. Where’s the balance in that?
  13. Defensively? That’s what I’m talkin bout. Shamans + barb have the ability to make a +10 bd attack 700-800 and a +10 ranger atk 300-400 for atleast 20 seconds. The only defensive skills we have come from Druid, pala, and Templar. Half of the support skills elf have are reduced to 0% when mcs uses debuff all of stats are potentially reduced by half. We have no damage debuffs that would make a rogue hit that low. And rogues are a burst of damage that people can barely tank now due to their new stuns. How can mcs make a +10 broken bd hit less than 800 and a ranger less than 400 but we don’t have any debuffs to lower their damage.
  14. I said with support skills. The only skill that a paladin has that is supportive is sacred shield and that only absorbs a certain amount of damage. We are talking about debuff wise. Our casters don’t have nearly as much support as mc casters. I could literally name all of the debuffs mc have and name 1-2 damage debuffs elf have. I can go all day my guy And no it’s simply cuz elf is overpopulated everyone knows that
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