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  1. Amazing job, thx so much! The next step I would welcome as someone who doesn't know the game too well yet would be max levels you are allowed to be for the items to drop. Because if you are lvl 18 and go through first island dungeons, you get nothing. Right?
  2. I was doing the blue daily quest "Battle Trophy" taken from Dorn, in Kamp-Gasphel, Irselnort. One needs to get 25 Thorny collars from Highlanders and 15 Gold-filled Earrings from the Ice Narwhal Boardingers (npcs). The problem is that the chance that Ice Narwhal Boardinger npc will drop 1 Gold-filled Earring is ridiculously small. It takes so long to earn 15 earrings that you will kill estimating 200-300 mobs and spend about an hour doing it (if you are fast and have a minion, then maybe 45 min). I was thinking to put this to the 'bug' section, but I finally decided it is rather a suggestion t
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