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  1. Bad: game keeps crashing, mabye lag or too many people near market guy :wacko:
  2. Maybe not, Hamstring can last quite long lev 5 maybe he hamsting him then kill him before he could do much :unknw:
  3. Personally i dont get this :unknw:
  4. No to Altamir.. im new dont know if vote counts but he not on my ignore list for no reason lets just say that :lol:
  5. I know this thread has been made so many times but something needs to be done about it. It is way to hard for a bunch mabye 3 pty of lev 14,15,16 mabye the odd lev 17 or 18. Just suggesting if devs look over this to change att of the shadows to a little less than now. :unknw: From say 290 to 250? ; this seems reasonable because i haven't seen many lev 14,15,16 heal 250 :nea:
  6. Could they not just be friends? mabye brothers (sisters)? :wacko:
  7. @Jay.. more videos on your elfs killing mc please :blush:
  8. I always seem to miss the hunts :wacko:
  9. Yes :bad: if any devs or admin see this pls fix it :good:
  10. I don't know if its just my warspear or if its everyones but say i am wearing a green panda suit and a blue panda comes along i go half blue :bad: can you sort this please i want to stay green :blush:
  11. I need some help with mini bosses and bg quests if anyone on when i am pm me :blush: thanks :yahoo:
  12. Um very unlucky :shok: but why didnt you use pots :wacko:
  13. This hide and seek thing will be for elf and mc? :unknw: and for prize you buy us 3k worth of mc stuff or we get 3k mc?
  14. WOW they look awesome :shok: too bad only russians have :bad:
  15. Was just wandering if anyone has a picture of sudden doom weapons I've never seen one before :blush:
  16. Oh and I have scrolls atm if anyone want to buy :blush:
  17. Who could be friendly with mc? :wacko:
  18. StrongShot

    3.0 trades?

    No one knows just wait for update to find out :unknw:
  19. StrongShot


    You clearly didn't use them wisely :fool:
  20. Whats your in game name? :blush:
  21. I'm up for hunts anytime 8)
  22. I'm only lev 16 this mean I will be kicked out? :unknw:
  23. Haha im yet to work out how to get faces
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