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  1. ooooh cheza can i have the gloves ? :blush: speak to me in game i have a swap that u may need
  2. Thought you said your name was Seby? :rofl: Just joking welcome to the clan page
  3. Im a druid .. not mc :wacko:
  4. He did he said he plays on US Sapphire no? :pardon:
  5. Two minutes is a bit lengthy I think and if you get to go back into stealth it could make lots of classes OP, I think if this did go ahead it should be bought in mcoins because it would completely defeat the purpuse of rouges. :pleasantry:
  6. Cheza that list of runes and crystal sok posted what are they for? :unknw:
  7. I agree my friends ask to see my armour or bow icant show :bad:
  8. Question to all rangers in clan pls reply :blush: : Can you tell me which pieces of armour you use? Like breastplate, helm,glove,boot,glove ... Etc. I just like to take a poll to decide what i will use ty :good:
  9. How do u change peoples karma?
  10. Yes to Jay... Well if i can vote what's the new system? lol anyway he seems a sound guy
  11. Just want a few responses from higher lev rangers at what point distribution you have on you skills like 5 scatter or whatever ::). Ty
  12. On andriod I cannot place items in chat at all let alone have them glitching up my game? Can't u sort this?
  13. FB: Foot of grey mountains, Velaid
  14. For elf i always amp at dinalt im not sure why or what makes me, but when i amp at riff or caravans i get fail fail fail fail but at dinalt i get to like +5 in a row its ace :yahoo: PS: Using signs obviously
  15. Dont know if anyone is here who was going to help me with lambert, im sorry, but my game shut down and still hasnt come back on. :cray:
  16. Why is it using your phone keyboard?I want warspear keyboard I mean what's the point when you click in to type something another box coming up that u have to click too? Give us warspear keyboard not phone keyboard :facepalm:
  17. On a brighter note i need bg guards anytime you see me online pm me and we can get a party together to go :spiteful: This is on my other acc Shotjr
  18. This wouldn't really work because if you hit a few times long range with bow your in a fight and game wont let you change weapon to swords for short attacks.
  19. Support i hate my phone one in a game :wacko:
  20. My warspear is back up, i tried chat and it still crashed? What's happening? :facepalm:
  21. So? After all these complaints, what are you going to do devs? - Sit there and let everyone rage, lose players? - or make changes that people have suggested here? Comon we want a dev or admin to tell us what is happening please
  22. omg fix chat for android keeps crashing :facepalm: or your going to lose alot of players...
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