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  1. See thats the point, druids effectivly now have a necro heal - ive seen secret link bullshit with its 2400! Crits lets be serious here its basically like necro or priest heal. Druid also, ALSO, has heal over time. Whats to say necro cant have heal over time too then? Or even a heal that works like secret link that restores you to full health always? Cool.
  2. All in favour of level 21 arena weapons say aye! currently there are lev 24s running around with lev 19 weapons and not everyone can afford or are lucky enough to get lev 20 and 21 weapons from bosses/dungeons. Level 21 arena weapons should come soon..
  3. Which is bullshit because bds are not healers and necros are :!
  4. Can someone put this in suggestions so devs actually see it? They always ignore us here
  5. But seriously necro needs a buff
  6. Sweeet haha preists are harder to fight and as you saw last forever haha. Well keep it up with the videos i really enjoy watching them!
  7. Very good video, intense with the priest haha what I think you couldve done though if you see at some points you had him low and you had nightmare. You could've stunned him before he managed to heal then finish him off wouldve saved you a few minutes probably haha Ps. Could you show your staff please? What +?
  8. What should I get first infection or shield? And can someone post the dmg of infection in effect like a screenie
  9. The photo i would use I took a few weeks back on a holiday is this ok to use? Because it won't have the warspear logo in it i mean
  10. So whats your skill setup now? What do you sacrifice to make this infection 4/4?
  11. So you have to farm bosses to get them?
  12. Am I missing something? There used to be level 9 gear in shops but now I can't find it anywhere? Did you remove it and if so why?
  13. Yeh they did unlucky matey it has to be original
  14. How can a level 6 ranger use a level 10 bow? :bad:
  15. Everyone has thier own preferences
  16. Yes mabye helm and chest killing whisper and boot and glove arena? i dunno mabye another combo
  17. Its down to personal preference, i mean most classes are good for pvp and all classes can be gret if you know how to use them. If you want pvp i would go for warlock or shaman but thats just me they whoop my ass everytime. Goodluck in your choice ;D
  18. I clicked on it and it took 1 gold but i went nowhere xD
  19. I think what merc is getting at is that resilience is good for pvp
  20. its more attack im looking for i have 3 skill points what would you say? is blind or eq useful at that level?
  21. Whats the best build for a shaman level 6 can anybody help me out im a bit stuck ;D
  22. The myth is when you kill hassn he drops items :shok: :rofl:
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