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  1. hey, ive got 1 expert skill on my char lvl18, but i want a different one, can i delete or use another skill over my skill what i dont want?

    yes you can. Simply click the skill you that you want to delete and click menu. Then click "Add Skill" and you can replace with a new one. The skill that you want to delete must be at level 1 though. :)

  2. thanks for info, friend told me there is a bug if u use this skill it will reduce ur hp in half is that true??

    so far i dont encounter with such bug.
  3. Mine is 4/4 and with 337 magic attack I heal 641. Combine with Max lvl of priest aura i heal 706, it can go higher with paladin aura n yes it can also be use to urself. The skill is not work sometimes when i place the skill or maybe it just bug place. Not sure about maximum players u can heal tho

  4. I've change the skill setup. Now I max aura 4/4 and let Payback 1/4. When aura activates it still do lot of damage like when Payback at maximum level so it worth it to just level Payback to 1/4 as it can reach 400+ magic damage when it level 1.


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    As you can see, i only have +7 level 17 arena staff with 316 magic overall. I level up this skill to maximum. The second ss shows the damage of the skill when it works ( 20% enemy hp - does 485 magic damage when it not work) and 3rd ss shows when it got crit. So it may be op in a way because it can reach 2k+ crit when using aura, here i dont use aura because mine just 1/4. But when in arena, I think its just useless because you must wait till your enemies hp goes down to 20% for it to works due to its 30 sec cooldown, so I barely just use it rather than trying to make their hp go down to 20% then use it, same goes when hunting. Though you can max aura if you like hunting bosses because it increase more damage of entire group member. #gonna reset it and max aura instead because I don't do pvp or arena much. Just gonna let it be an extra damge while hunting.

  6. What about valor aura lvl 4? Anyone tested it?


    at level 4 it last for 40 sec. Add 50 Magic, my attack from 316 become 366 and heal from 745 become 820. :pardon:

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