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  1. just wanna ask something. Are the magic and physical damage on ring/amulet drop at dungeon at horror and Snow boundaries the same? like at snow dungeon it state percentage % and horror it state number.
  2. Priest's Armistice skill cooldown still 19 second. It suppose to be 12 sec. Fix it please.
  3. What's stamina and skins have to do with valentine day? *sigh*
  4. Im a rogue and i love this feature to be added in game. Free minion ftw!
  5. yes you can. Simply click the skill you that you want to delete and click menu. Then click "Add Skill" and you can replace with a new one. The skill that you want to delete must be at level 1 though.
  6. Lol you're the one who stupid here. They already made a topic about it and they release it today.
  7. nice. 2 new slots for expert skill Even level 18 get 2 additional slots? so altogether is 3 now?
  8. When it release make sure you guys offer 50% discount on all miracle shop items
  9. please don't. players want to level up faster in this update. I wish there is an option to disable it tho
  10. Sjohny


    so far i dont encounter with such bug.
  11. Sjohny


    3x3 and its 6 yard
  12. Dear Roland, please make the effect of Mage skill 'Frostbolt' that is reducing attack speed works on bosses too. It works but it is so rare.
  13. Sjohny


    Mine is 4/4 and with 337 magic attack I heal 641. Combine with Max lvl of priest aura i heal 706, it can go higher with paladin aura n yes it can also be use to urself. The skill is not work sometimes when i place the skill or maybe it just bug place. Not sure about maximum players u can heal tho
  14. I've change the skill setup. Now I max aura 4/4 and let Payback 1/4. When aura activates it still do lot of damage like when Payback at maximum level so it worth it to just level Payback to 1/4 as it can reach 400+ magic damage when it level 1.
  15. As you can see, i only have +7 level 17 arena staff with 316 magic overall. I level up this skill to maximum. The second ss shows the damage of the skill when it works ( 20% enemy hp - does 485 magic damage when it not work) and 3rd ss shows when it got crit. So it may be op in a way because it can reach 2k+ crit when using aura, here i dont use aura because mine just 1/4. But when in arena, I think its just useless because you must wait till your enemies hp goes down to 20% for it to works due to its 30 sec cooldown, so I barely just use it rather than trying to make their hp go down to 20% then use it, same goes when hunting. Though you can max aura if you like hunting bosses because it increase more damage of entire group member. #gonna reset it and max aura instead because I don't do pvp or arena much. Just gonna let it be an extra damge while hunting.
  16. make 50% to every miracle coins purchase until Monday, Thank you
  17. What do you mean by Crimson Conqueror's drop is now fixed? Is there something that its not suppose to drop?
  18. Sjohny

    valor aura

    at level 4 it last for 40 sec. Add 50 Magic, my attack from 316 become 366 and heal from 745 become 820. :pardon:
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