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  1. Haha
    IrishBoar reacted to Higgings in New feature for the market   
    Player A: "how much for that sword?"
    Player B: "150k dude"
    Player A: *silence*

    Player B: "so, shall we proceed with the deal?"
    INFO: Player A has Ignored you.
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    IrishBoar got a reaction from kimkaa in New feature for the market   
    Ah but Kimkaa, that would remove the extra element of fun. Having to directly interact with a player to make the most money is interesting. It encourages ppl to make in-game friends and/or trading partners, and adds an element of community spirit that the game really needs to regain. 
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    IrishBoar reacted to XeNoN in [2018.12.17] Update Warspear Online 7.9: Tricks and giggles. Preview   
    we all know we are waiting for something. ppl just dont want to show it.  
    Everything needs balance
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    IrishBoar reacted to Peony in [2018.12.17] Update Warspear Online 7.9: Tricks and giggles. Preview   
    Pre-holiday hustle has captured the Snow Boundary. While the Elves hang multicolored light garlands and pack the remaining gifts, we have time to take a mug with cocoa, snuggle in a cozy blanket and find out what the World Creation Day will bring this year.
    But this couldn’t be done without some adventures, right? The treacherous Grinch, a long-standing foe of White Beard, returned and again wants to spoil the annual holiday for the inhabitants of Arinar. Are you ready to stop a green villain and save the World Creation Day? Then grab your best equipment, festive mood and go to the Snow Boundary!
    Lots of enemies tested a Snow Boundary’s strength. Almost always their only weapons were force and fury. But the new enemy is much more dangerous, because he set out to destroy the very essence of the World Creation Day! It's the Grinch, an old foe of White Beard. Scrawny giant turned green from the fierce hatred for this holiday. The Grinch is spreading gloom that can poison souls and ruin the magic of the World Creation Day. The crowd of his minions - gremlins - invaded villages on the island, creating mess and chaos everywhere. And even many of the Snow elves, the faithful servants of White Beard, declared a strike, falling for the words of the Grinch. It seems that the World Creation Day might turn into a real nightmare! This time the heroes of Arinar must save not just the Snow Boundary, but also the spirit of the holiday! You can't let the Grinch steal the World Creation Day!

    Snow Boundary has become even larger and, for the first time, it occupies such a big area! This year the huge island is divided into two parts by a magnificent coniferous forest, which was used by the Alliances to separate their camps. In addition to the starting location - wonderfully decorated city with gingerbread houses and various festive details - there are six villages on each side. Each of them has its own history and character, but the Grinch was able to implement some of his insidious plans in these settlements, so the villages will have to be saved. Also all of them have their own Respawn Statue, so the warriors will not lose their way.
    Holiday quests

    The Grinch and the crowds of his gremlin-minions invaded the villages, creating mess and chaos everywhere. In one of the villages residents were put into a deep sleep, in another - angry reanimated toys are walking, and the rest are scary to even meddle with due to the predatory midges and exploding firecrackers! We'll have to try very hard to return peace and help the White Beard.
    In addition to the main storyline, all players will find a variety of daily quests, where you will need to collect gifts, help snowmen or even raid villages to destroy the Grinch's statues! Forget about the dreary winter evenings, you wouldn’t be bored on the Snow Boundary.

    In the new Dungeons, where the main treasures of the holiday are kept traditionally, hides the Grinch's beloved pet. Furry Hrumpel, also evil and treacherous, was the only living being to which a green scoundrel got attached to.
    All childhood Grinch spent near his pet, but over the years the green villain could not give his friend the right amount of time. The Grinch even found relatives of his furry pet, so he won’t be bored alone. But still Hrumpel watched his master with eyes full of sadness in the evenings. Then the Grinch opened a special game room, where the best entertainments for Hrumpel were gathered. And now the furry animal is full of strength to do all the nasty things that the owner orders him.
    But be careful, because the Hrumpel's game room contains real threat: you have to defeat 8 Ice Valkyries, which reliably protect Hrumpel, get through the maze, where it is important to not let the monsters out, defeat the Indoor Yeti and get out from the trap rooms, completing the quests in each of them, to get to Hrumpel.
    Ready to challenge the Grinch's pet? Then go ahead, because the winners will receive stunning awards!
    World dynamic event “Fiery Fun”

    At the main event of the holiday you will have to go through 6 amazing stages and at each of them you will need to eliminate the aftermath of dirty tricks of Grinch and his accomplices. Be careful, because these cunning villains placed treacherous traps somewhere for sure!
    The first stage “New Year Eve's Sabotage”
    The minions of the Grinch tore all the decorations from the trees and spoiled the festive mood of all the inhabitants of the Snow Boundary! Take away Christmas toys from mean gremlins to return the holiday atmosphere!
    The second stage “Hydrotherapy”
    The Grinch put a spell on the Snow elves and turned them into gremlins - now they play dirty tricks and set the Christmas trees on fire. But there is a way to save the poor fellows: all gremlins like small children can not stand hydrotherapy! Push these green grubs under the water, gushing from the ground!
    The third stage “Hot Snow”
    Gremlins-sorcerers have learned to call the spirits of fire from the depths, so that they melt the snow cover of the island. We need to fight fire spirits, while the Snow Boundary has not ceased to be “Snow”!
    The fourth stage “Nasty Surprise”
    Grinch is one of a trickster: he stole White Beard's sledge with presents, threw out the toys from the bags and put harmful gremlins in them instead. Kids will be horrified to find those gifts under the tree! We can't let gremlins into the house!
    Fifth stage “Sly Bag”
    The Grinch had special plans for the biggest White Beard’s bag. Stealing and reviving it, the Grinch has got himself a faithful servant - Ragman. Living bag quickly learned to steal gifts without any assistance. It's time to teach a lesson to Ragman - let him return all of the stolen goods!
    The sixth stage “Animal rage”
    The Grinch's hatred for the World Creation Day is contagious: even his dog Fluff turned green with anger! Fluff adores his host, and it’s no wonder: the Grinch feeds the insatiable dog particles of the World Creation Day’s spirit! Hunt down and kill the green dog before he ate everything!
    Guild dynamic events
    Participate in the new Guild PvE-events on Snow Boundary to return the spirit of the World Creation Day: you will need to defeat the main villain Grinch and his treacherous nephews.
    “Grinch’s Guile”
    The Grinch became not just the cause of all troubles in the Snow Boundary - he stole the spirit of World Creation Day! The green-skinned giant thinks that he's omnipotent, but he's not. The Grinch must be punished for his crimes!
    Conditions of activation: complete 20 times any dungeon in the Snow Boundary.
    Restart time: 8 hours after the event ends.
    “Grinch’s Nephews”
    Nasty gremlins flooded forests and villages of the Snow Boundary, but four nephews of Grinch rule over these hordes of pests. We must hunt them down and teach them a lesson: it will start the chaos in the ranks of green shorties.
    Conditions for activation: garner 20,000 Guild points.
    Restart time: 6 hours after the event ends.
    But we did not forget about the fans of PvP! Players will be able to take part in a special event, where the task for guild will be to kill the enemy Alliance’s warriors in nearby villages. So no one will get bored on The Snow Boundary!
    “Killing Campaign”
    Grinch’s treachery knows no boundaries: he lured to his side many creatures of the Snow Boundary. He even managed to brainwash some of the warriors of the enemy Alliance. Breaking the holiday truce, they have traitorously turned their weapons against you! You can’t tolerate that anymore! Traitors should be expelled from the villages!
    Conditions of activation: kill 10 players of enemy Alliance is not below the level of the character/group on a Snow Boundary.
    Restart time: 6 hours after the event ends.

    Visitors are always welcome on the rides! Come have fun on The Snow Boundary and earn Good luck tokens, which can be exchanged for great prizes.
    “Winter Swimming” (single and group, for all levels)
    Gremlins are wrapping themselves in sheepskin coats because they are not used to the cold. It's time to show the pests a real frost: you should put as many green-skinned in ice water as you can to cool their fervor. But beware of the team leaders of gremlins: simple gremlins will scatter in all directions when they see them. The more gremlins you will be able to put into the water, the more impressive will be the reward.
    “Burning the Past” (single and group, for all levels)
    Gremlins dug up the walking dead from under the snow - a terrible reminder of the past battles. Without thinking twice, the Grinch put them into action! It is necessary to quickly kill the icy deadmen with the help of a special flaming oil. Burn the walking dead - and the Snow elves will give you Good Luck tokens.
    “Cool Meeting” (group, for players 13-17/18-23/24-28 levels)
    Many creatures of the Snow Boundary turned to the side of the Grinch and now arrange devastating raids on the village of Snow elves. There is not enough defenders and so you will fight the raiders alone. However ancient stones will help you in battle, but use them wisely!
    Holiday skills
    Throughout the holiday of the World Creation Day each player will get two special skills that will help in the battles with the insidious villains:
     Hogshead’s Help
    Hogshead gained fame by participating in battles against the most dangerous opponents. His blows are tricky and cause enemies to bleed, and the Hogshead himself is a guarantee of reliability in battle!
     Humorous Lights
    The fountain of sparks will fall on your enemy, causing him physical suffering, and the rays of lights will cool the battle fervor of the enemies nearby.
    Green villain summoned his nephews, who with great pleasure agreed to participate in this mess and spoil the long-awaited holiday of all people of Arinar. Insidious pests hid in houses, connected by a dangerous system of room labyrinths, when they reached the most remote villages. Find all four on the Snow Boundary to stop their terror!
    The youngest and dumbest of four. Drags a bag with stolen gears and other gears everywhere: he expects to build a toy railway from them, which, as a child, he wanted to get as a gift.
    Butch's twin brother. This sweet tooth and dandy is cowardly and prefers not to mess with those that are stronger than him. For him there is no greater joy than to steal a lollipop from a child.
    Strike's twin brother. Always has cold because of his love for ice cream, he’s armed with an ice cudgel. But since, in his opinion, the brains work better from the cold, Butch never hits enemies on the head.
    The oldest of the Grinch's nephews, who hates the World Creation Day almost as much as his uncle. The bell in his hand keeps ringing, literally driving everyone mad – but Grunt doesn't care as he's plugged his long ears with cotton candy.
    Prove your strength and defeat the green villain! It's the only way to return the spirit of the World Creation Day and save the main holiday of the year, which everyone is looking forward to.
    People say that as a child it was his favorite holiday: the Grinch even dreamt to become one of the White Beard’s assistants. But the elders told him that the one who believes in the World Creation Day and the White Beard, will never grow up. Then the Grinch started to hate the holiday and its magic. And when the World Creation Day came to Arinar, the Grinch secretly set the house, in which his family celebrated holiday, on fire. The next morning, he turned into a green giant with a heart, dried-up from anger.
    Collect all achievements of the World Creation Day, while festive music and slowly falling snow will bring a special atmosphere to your travels around the Snow Boundary!
    That’s all for now. Detailed information about rewards, gifts and surprises (and there will be a lot of them) will be announced on the day of update release. And we promise, you will find a few more very interesting surprises.
    We wish you all a great christmas mood!
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    IrishBoar reacted to Akasha in New feature for the market   
    Sell offer placed for 100g
    1.1 System checks available buy offers and compares Buy offer placed for 99g
    2.1 System checks available offers and compares 
    2.2 -> Nothing happens Seller decreases price to 80g
    3.1 System checks available buy offers { if it finds more than one, it gives priority to the oldest one }
    3.2 System finds offer >80g
    3.3 Sale is made and both offers are removed

    (99g <-> 80g) - ? what happens here 19g => to the buyer or seller or  split.  In order to avoid work and loading unecessary content, the best place to show the list of ''buy offers'' is here under the ''Avarage market price'' :

    and here is an example of where the player could have the third option ( place an offer to buy an item) :

    What I think that is important to mention, if it ever happens to be implemented is:
    You will search for the name of the item, not level or category.
    This function is not meant for browsing and comparing items, for this there is the knowledge base website. The search shows the 5 most relevant items max.
    If you don't know the whole name of the item you should still be able to find, but if you have no clue of how it's called, first you should do your own search. You are not able to see other buy offers 
    this fuction is not meant to generante massive barging about prices of items. If you post a buy offer for the same amount of another one, the item will be sold for the oldest
    you should be able to reniew your offer as well as in the current system.  The offers to buy items will also expire to avoid spammings
    I don't doubt the possibility of players to set buy offers in items 28 for 1g.. I think there could be some limits of buying offers to a certain item too.  these are important things to make sure this could prevent problems.. now you can develope your idea further considering them. 
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    IrishBoar reacted to Gaddafi in New feature for the market   
    Hello, my suggestion is to add a buying option in market.
    How will this work?
    When you go to the market (2nd hand dealer) you will have two options, buy and sell, sell is what we currently have now, buy would be the same but instead you will choose an item you want to buy and set the amount and price. For example:
    If I want to buy 30 ethereal substance for 6k each, you'll put that offer in buying option and people who would like to sell there items can search through the market and directly sell their items. 
    Why would you add this?
    This will be useful for many things such as:
    Players who don't play very actively and would like to buy things without spamming trade chat or looking in market every now and then.
    Players who would like to instantly sell their items for quick cash, providing someone put an offer to buy that item.
    Price balance between buyers and sellers for commen items such as stam or signs.
    I don't believe this will be very hard to implement and players would really appreciate some positive changes which will allow them to focus more on enjoying the game.
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    IrishBoar reacted to Buudbd in Battles for the Territory!   
    Hello again Friends!
    I bring you a very controversial topic!
    The battle for territory, many MC players and alfs the elves, complain that always during the battle, many players are in AFK in "T1 Cliff" or caravan.
    Well, I bring a solution and I improve the battle for the territory. To motivate players who are always AFK (Do not move) who are active during the battle, they will use a red circle equal to that of the event! WHAT ROLE WILL DO THIS RED CIRCLE:
    FIRST: This red circle will be in Camp of the Legion and in Kamp-Riff 10 minutes before the battle begins!
    SECOND: When one side wins the first territory, the red circle will move to the second territory (Camp Caravan) and when they capture the next terrotirio, the point will move to the next territory (Scouts Camp and Somarra Tribe Village)
    THIRD: When the first territory is captured (Camp of the Legion or Kamp-Riff) "ONLY THE PLAYERS WHO HAVE OR ARE IN THE RED CIRCLE WILL RECEIVE THE BUFF) The same for the next territory (Caravan) only the players who have or in a red circle you will get the second benefit ... Etc!
    Because all this: this will help to improve and make the battles for the territory more fun!
    Because the red circle 10 minutes before the battle starts, well ... all these years that I've been playing, I saw many new players ask "where does the battle begin or where is the Legion or Riff?" this red circle will help you know where you should be when the battle begins and help you prepare!
    Leave your complaints or things that you want to add to this topic to improve the battle for the territory!
    Thank you!

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    IrishBoar reacted to Akasha in [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!   
    sand/arena have the same word in Spanish 
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    IrishBoar reacted to Gladiator in [2018.12.07] The XXV Arena season is open!   
    By better you mean cross server? 
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    IrishBoar got a reaction from Buudbd in Set of Master   
    *Impatiently anticipates next competition*

  11. Haha
    IrishBoar reacted to Gaddafi in Revive in a nutshell   
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    IrishBoar reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.11.14] Results   
    We have drawn conclusions and will no longer make such mistakes 
  13. Haha
    IrishBoar reacted to Winter in [2018.11.26] Week of thrilling bounty: double rewards, Keeper of the Veil event and Third Weekly ratings Tournament   
    Where;s the form for me to file biased grievances for drops in dungeon?
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    IrishBoar got a reaction from Fortuno in Appearance of druid's pet   
    That is actually a good point, never even thought of it.
    Nonetheless, I am still against elementals. Who uses elemental magics? Mages!
    Druids are supposed to use nature magic. Sure, controling weather or any sort of harminous (defensive/peaceful) skills, but not elementals.
    Other ideas of animal possibilities include:
    swarm-man (an swarm of insects that form a humanoid shape and spit out smaller swarms), 
    Sparrow/bunny/snake (currently have passive forms in the game)
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    IrishBoar reacted to SplendorBR in Halloween «Chaos Arena»   
    Arinar warriors,
    everyone knows that the Median Night is coming. And as always, we hope news... Today, @Majestrix and I had an idea... We decided to bring you a very crazy kind of Arena, which we expect to be available in the upcoming events.

    (illustrative image, its just to understand the main idea)
    No, you didn't see wrong! You and any player from another faction against an ally and another player from the other faction! So you will need to be smart, and try to guess the strategy of your momentary ally, or all will be lost.
    2x2 Arena
    Opponents and partnes: 100% Aleatory, your partner must be from the enemie faccion; (unable to dmd in party).
    Time of arena: The same as the current arena.
    Level of players: The same as the current arena.
    Tickets: "Tickets for a ride" will be used to entry in the arena.
    Quantity of tickets requested: Developer's choice.
    Rewards: "Luck Symbols".
    Quantity of "Luck Symbols": Developer's choice.
    Chat in the arena: OFF.
    Potion for double reward: Developer's choice.
    Thorns: They will not deal damage to kill, just to make the things difficult. (devs can choose if there will be less thorns or none).
    (more things , may be added in the future.)
    So guys, is it for now! We hope you liked, and if you have any other idea, please, leave a comment below. Make the developers see this post.
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    IrishBoar reacted to Tex in Dealing with AFKers in events   
    For everyone that understand this. Do you know how to teamwork as much as possible. There will be a whole army running with you and as soon as you get to the area. Only 5% out of the army is actively working there asses off to pass the event. Whether war or just time trial event. These players aren't afk, they aee sitting back watching becuase they feel as though enough of us are handling it. But we aren't cuz 40 out of 50 players are sitting back while the rest cant even hold off a full force of whatever the event is. Need a number requirement of participation for these events. 
    I have made a way to fix this.
    -Give a counter of all the people in the area of event.
    If there is 20 people, say 20 people
    -Based on the event type give a number of participants in the area needed (required) to pass event
    If 19 people are needed with interaction, in a different color, say 19 needed with interaction for this event.
    -Now here is the part that is good. Players will go afk. Give the ability to players mark those AFKers. With a a numver of AFK reported.
    -Have a condition statement that tests if they are indeed interacting (attacking) with event mobs or other opponent players. if not interacting....make the players be sent to MAP 1 WITH NO ABILITY TO TELEPORT BACK TO EVENT ISLAND. THEY HAVE TO PAY THE FEE TO VOYAGE BACK TO ISLAND WHERE EVENT IS TAKING PLACE.
    have the players be marked full body red. 
    I understand there is a system whereas ppl can hit mobs and then walk away and sit still with interaction active. time for a change in the system then. If the devs think its too much. I can code them this entire thing right now in there preferred programming language. 
    This may not solve the AFK problem. But at least the feeling of punishment is helpful (If it seems a little too forceful send them back to t1 of event map. If your not gonna help. Dont come and waste no one elses time. 
  17. Thanks
    IrishBoar reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.10.30] Game servers restart   
    Dear players!
    Tomorrow, 31.10.2018 at 09:30 CET, our game servers will be restarted due to the fixing of some bugs. The game will be unavailable for about 20 minutes.
    Fixed a bug where the effects of skills applied at a location were not removed after their expiration. Fixed incorrect work of the achievements "Slay Mines", "Thirsty for Ancient Blood" and "Pass into the world of the dead" - now the achievements work according to the description Fixed minor errors in the quests "Runes of Jotnar" and "Sul Tree fruit" In the Dungeons on the Horror Circus minions no longer receive damage from the bosses' mass skills. Please, don't plan anything significant at this time.
  18. Thanks
    IrishBoar reacted to Akasha in [2018.10.19] Update Warspear Online 7.8: Necropolis of giants. Preview   
    I improved the ''group chat'' (added 2 voice & text channels) available on Warspear Community Hub on Steam - EN and PT languages in case you guys want to use it tomorrow during the tests or to find other people to play with. I can't promise to be always available, but I will be replying all text channels - at least. 

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    IrishBoar reacted to Morgana in Tag der Deutschen Einheit   
    Hallo alle zusammen
    Trotz der wenigen deutschen Warspearspieler und Forumnutzer wünsche ich euch allen einen wunderschönen Feiertag! Genießt die Zeit ohne Arbeit und Pflichten und verbringt ihn mit den Leuten, die euch am Herzen liegen.
    Ich persönlich habe zwar nicht während der Teilung Deutschlands gelebt aber sowohl Geschichte als auch Familie bringen einem jedes Jahr nahe, wie wichtig es ist die Zeit zu nutzen, die man miteinander hat.
    Auch wenn vieles in der Politik nicht reibungslos verläuft, gerade heutzutage, seid trotzdem stolz auf das, was Deutschland nach und während der Wiedervereinigung geleistet hat! Wir können uns wirklich glücklich schätzen, dass es uns so gut geht

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    IrishBoar reacted to Counciler in Craft Idea   
    To boost people into getting in crafting, maybe in seasonal events like hween u could get seasonal craft jobs, which create gear with rare bonuses such as ls, but to balance this somewhat make it so that these jobs cannot be selected for 49mc so its random, and have it only with certain gear so people still go to dungeons. For example a dmg amulet % with ls
    Mdef dmg ls attack speed
    Def stun hp pene
    These dont drop at dg and shouldnt affect ppl go dg still. 
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    IrishBoar reacted to Mjtov in War improvement   
    make war more interesting
    by adding chests for winner side as reward
    this chests contain
    sign. gold bucket. pots. War Special emoji and ...
    and a unique costume
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    IrishBoar reacted to Carpetlick in A new way to stash costumes   
    Dont see why not, could benefit AiGring financially. Sell costume pouches that take up 1 bag space and hold 5 costumes. You have to pay mcoins to extend it and/or buy more
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    IrishBoar reacted to Luan Borges in A new way to stash costumes   
    Instead of being stashed on the main inventory ,costumes should be stashed in a similar way as world of warcraft's  wardrope/transmogrify system works. 
    That way a player could have all costumes in the game,saved there, and would not use up space. 
    It would be beneficial to both parties, considering players would be able to collect all costumes (an achievement for costumes could be added , like 50 costumes / 100/150 ) ,and aigrind would be incentivating players to farm/buy all costumes.
    Also helping to increase  activity on the players market ,helping the game economy .  And bringing some revenue to the company, considering theres a lot of costumes on the Miracle coins market,that are rarely bought nowadays. 

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    IrishBoar reacted to Godsrange in Arena Tickets   
    Keeping this idea short and simple: Who agrees that ticket count should INCREASE from 10 per slot, To 50 Per slot for conserving Space since the Game Designer has limited Inventory to 200 bag space? 
    This idea wasn't mine the credit belongs to Tamerik US- Sapphire 
  25. Haha
    IrishBoar reacted to Higgings in Guess Who Will Post Next   
    I don't think so xd
    Ehh - IrishBoar! 
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