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  1. thanks for making impossible to kill boss lvl 32 Aigrind
  2. DG 32 after bird stage is bugged for android player! please fix it!
  3. HALLOWEEN PLEASE ! its already 28 October , lol all other games already announced halloween event , and yet nothing in warspear
  4. and also please reduce the chance of using it for mobs , its like when you fight a single enemy , they will use that skill and then you will go to another enemy and they will use that skill again on you right after last one ends and so on untill you die i cant even do anything
  5. I BEG YOU to please reduce Movement speed of character when mobs using that skill like shaman Blast skill i have 100% Move speed and when they use it on me ill move around with 150% speed
  6. Guardian of the Deep Sea Water Elemental description in forum said these minions heal player or its ally
  8. if you really dont know power of seeker in pvp then you are just newbie XD
  9. im actually playing with dk , but im not agree to bring back SR because Warden have low dmg and dk have high dmg and nice stun and silence ability so it will be really really unfair in arena. its just like another life for dk since all the things that warden can do in arena is watching
  10. Inner rage skill is mostly pvp skill dude ... which make seeker very strong in pvp
  11. then what is the point of leveling up ? XD it will be unfair for lvl 18 they spend a lot money and miracle coin to get all experts and now they cant use it againts lvl 16 ?
  12. new talents you have added are mostly useless and have really low Percentage . please increase percentage of some underwater talents.
  13. dont know about you guys but i think its already fair , while ranger and rogue can 3 sec kill healers , its fair for healers to have that too also Combat Fury skill is just restore character hp depend on his health , so this potion should not add heal for him warden block skill is same as this , if this potion work for warden , it will be impossible to kill it lol
  14. as i know , arena is season is lvl 17 - 18 , so that lvl 17 can level up and get expert skills too also minimum meeting level is 3 , so if you dont want meet higher level players , you just have to add low level guy in your party
  15. why you cant just restart servers after arena season ? lol
  16. i have all classes at max lvl , as the dk you said rangers hit them 800-1k dmg its not really like that bcoz max Ferocity is 50% and max Resilence is 60% so ranger with 1400 dmg with 50% fero will deal 2100 dmg on DK but as you know dk have Blood Protection which is decrease dmg by 50% so 2100 - 50% = 1050 and 1050 - 60%(Resilence) = 420 + +10 armors which will give 40% Dmg decrease (Physical) 420 - 40% = 252 and this 252 will blocked by Dark Shield skill XD so you are actually hit dk 0 during 8 sec of Blood Protection but if dk have even only 10% Reflection it will Reflect 200 dmg and that ranger wont Steal any health ....
  17. Very very nice idea , but Developers will ignore it for sure , Sadly!
  18. Making 2 Same Classes ? mcs dont have strong tank , while elfs can do dgs without healers and what you did ? you maked DK weaker , now Saturation will cost HP and Secret Reserve will actually heal nothing for pvp (You will die before you get Heal ) while you cant even kill wardens in arena , and dont you actually think Blood Protection is same as Fortification of warden but Weaker ? wardens have it for Unlimited time when they have lot of mana regen and Dk's have it for 8 sec and cd is 22 sec , if you dont want make 2 same classes give Steel Hurricane Basic Steal Health like 20% at 4/4 or make Dark Shield heal Death knight for 30% of Blocked dmg with Dark shield or make Secret Reserve Active skill and make its cd lower while its not working as before.
  19. i dont think it will be good idea , think about a hunter with 1400 dmg hit warden warden will receive about 300-400 but if that warden have lot Reflection like 30% it will reflect 390 dmg to that poor hunter for each hit its also same for DK , ranger with 1000 dmg will hit him 0 (if ranger use pve and dk use full pvp) and ranger will receive 300 dmm , not fair isnt it ?
  20. you already know in most servers elfs are more than mcs , also when a dude with rich mc character want to make elf it will be very hard for him coz he sould start from 0 i saw many Topic about making Dealers work for both side ( elfs can trade with mcs with dealer ) and you keep saying elfs cant trade with mcs ,but you already put special MARKET on all castles to sell items for both side , so actually elfs or mcs can sell their castle items with CASTLE MARKET , so why you just wont make special market in nadir (nadir is ally with both and mcs and elfs cant fight in Nadir) so players will be able to sell their items to other Alliance.
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