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  1. 4/4 this skill is 30% of character magical power each second for 8 sec , ARE YOU SERIOUS ? THIS CLASS IS SUPPOSED TO FILL THE DPS WE DIDNT HAD IN MC SIDE dk skill deal 250% of character magic power for 14 sec every 2 sec , so a dps class dealing very very lower dmg than tank class LUUUUL
  2. Bruh , you already can remove expert skill Just buy an expert skill , go to your expert skills tab , click menu >>> click add expert skill >> choose skill >>> replace it with the skill you dont want
  3. hmmm , Priest have shield Druid have shield seeker have shield bd have shield warden have shield pala have shield mage have shield Templar have shield and now mc side Necro have shield idk if we can even count Ansector hand as shield , but shaman have a little garbage shield which absorb like 70-80 dmg XD XD
  4. (increases he critical parameter ,) also this class already have expert skill which gives him crit % , or maybe you mean it will increase Critical Dmg instead of the Chance
  5. and this Bleeding Negative Effect will deal Physical dmg ? Because as far as i know bleeding deals physical dmg
  6. most of mmo games have already merged all Servers arena System , i think it is good idea if Aigrind merge Arena too , ppl meet stronger opponents and also this will give a chance to players who have lower Strength
  7. sure dude im agree with your idea , make hunter get 10% lower move speed and make 15% dmg to 20% and increase 12% crit rate to 25% crit rate
  8. so , with 90% chance this Topic gonna be ignored by Developers , but i will still write it down coz i hope on that 10% chance that i get answer or it get fixed ok i would like to say this to Aigrind that your Match Making in this Event is Extreamly bad , coz its like 90% of the time you meet the same guild over and over and if you dont win , then you cant enjoy new contents at all just because the other guild is stronger , and you can never defeat it , so as days goes by they get stronger while you stay still and wont grow , i hope you change the Mermen Trial Match Making like if you meet a Guild this week , either you lose or win, you wont meet them for next week this will give a chance to all Guilds for Having A chance to grow , not only giving up on events i play in Sea Server witch is most unpopulated server in whole game , and there are only 1 strong guild in elf side , and one in mc side and elfs outnumbered mcs in there , so we just keep meeting them , loosing , meeting them again , and YEAH we can join a lower level guild to try mermen dg , buuuuut we looe loots of buffs from guild , we lose castle buffs as well , so if you even care to read this event (Moderators or any Developer , please atleast give an answer)
  9. yeah i agree with that too , i know it will take long time to make a new map and etc .... i just hope it dont get ignored like some other good Suggestions in Forum , both rus and international .
  10. that is pretty nice idea , but it dont get ignored by developers
  11. Well , i saw ppl complaining about new pala skill is noth worth it Well , im not saying it does But paladin is not the only class that got worthless expert skill For example : bd got 3 resistance which is very low in group fight and barb got dmg skill while it will reduce hp and increase dmg they receive , so tanks wont use it , and barbs with 2h weapon can use only 3 dmg skill (bleeding which got 2 more sec on cd , strike , and Defeat ) While cds are too much and also at 4/4 druraion is only 14 sec so , nope.... And hunter new skill .... Only works if enemy walk right into trap , not in 1 yard of it Exactly in trap And as you all know with bug screens its kinda not possible Well in overall i did like the update coz i have all classes i will just switch between them when you nerf or buff so its fun And also if you wanted to balance the game i think it was better to just change mechanics of skills in pvp and pve For example make pala new skill receive 5% less dmg for each 6% hp loss in pve and 2% on pvp In the end its not my game . Im just suggesting , i may actually wrong , so please tell me if you saw anything wrong in my post ( if you are not bored of reading the long post i just wrote right now)
  12. this skill is actually not that much powerful , since duration is 7 sec , cd is 30 also sonic boom increased dmg in aoe not the base dmg
  13. imagine druid + paladin in arena 2v2 , tell me an mc combination to win please
  14. yeah sure , give shaman 5 healing skill and nerf the heal totem
  15. ummm , hello ? the only simillar skill between shaman and paladin is their hp increase skill , nothing more shaman have many more simillar skill to druid
  16. well , i can undrestand why priest and Necro should have lower heal skills , since they are really strong in buffing , but for shaman and charmer ....
  17. i was really hoping they give more heal skills to mc , i mean druid have 4 expert skill which will heal and 1 basic heal skill while shaman , charmer , necro have 1 basic heal skill and 1 expert heal skill umm where is Balance in that ? specially when mcs tank are weaker than elfs
  18. "The final list of changes will be in the release. " their answer to this question in RUS forum
  19. im barb player myself , and i agree with you , with new update 60% more healing potion will work with barb skill , my barb have 10k hp , ill heal myself 4k when i use this skill , we cant expect some simillar healing ability like warden for barb , because barb have lot more dmg skill , no dmg reduce penalty and have better pvp skills than warden if they want to add healing buff like warden for Barb , they should add huge penalty in his dmg , or else barb will be too overpowered (btw im also agree to add healing buff for barb in cost of his dmg , since mcs need good tank like warden too)
  20. deeply Agreed , we really need this since Explorers can take items
  21. nice idea , they can put it on mcoin shop
  22. dude , what about wars , with these overpowered guards , wars will be so harder
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