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  1. :pleasantry: if u manage to win with any random partner than u'll be called awesome :mega_shok:

    Im a level 13 deathknight. Im trying to arena for quite a while to get an Arena spear or an acute spadone. But im not getting anywhere as im stuck with a crap partner majority of the time. This thread is for anyone who will be willing to help me


  2. :nea: he just jelious :rofl:


    Please don't troll ok? I know these ideas are old but if players keep bringing up ideas that have been mentioned before then they have a greater chance of getting recognized and I looked every where and nevr found a post talking about my idea of the berserker class in such detail that I have described. Some ideas are new some are just old ones resurfacing.


  3. that be really awesome i got many drop with sun defence :facepalm:  especially rings :fool: :mega_shok:

    yes neelam... lol how many times have you farmed deep astral and got a crossbow or longbow from b3? i have a bunch of times and i just drop them but if the devs make it so you can transfer between your own chars on the same account then you could sell them. :good:


    yes Neelam...that's what the idea above states... 8) 8) 8) ....


  4. :good:


    I'd say MC are more willing to help than ELFS, only way ima get help on elf side is if i know them, comein up as a low lvl was a ♥♥♥♥♥ till i met lvl 20 ranger Jaquse, he help me with all my bosses an chainless [ An i publicly THANK YOU for that]. But on MC thats a diffrent story ill say "I need help" in Trade chat an within mins ill get some kind of pm or random inv for help. witch is why i tend to help alot on ELF cause most people wont. Witch sometimes i see as sad cause all u have to do is tap or click how can someone be that lazy, it takes no real phyiscal movement.  JUST SAYIN


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