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  1. hahaha never thought this would happen but awesome :rofl:
  2. yes and it takes 1 m coin at first to unbind stuff and latter 399 m coins :rofl:
  3. neelam


    i can't really open that site it says error :unknw: :search:
  4. yes you are right :wacko: people go like kill him first then go for boss latter :spiteful: :crazy: [/size][/size]
  5. damn i hate those rewards :wacko: i even stopped going their :nea: not worth it
  6. i think 2 times you can amp without sign but you never know its warspear :pardon:
  7. :pleasantry: if u manage to win with any random partner than u'll be called awesome :mega_shok:
  8. i see the poll and bow is winning :spiteful:
  9. neelam


    :nea: he just jelious :rofl:
  10. i think dk's can use swords n sheild :)
  11. i heared there is a junior pvpRange too..... Is that true? :pleasantry:
  12. i feel barbs should be able to use hammers that will look awesome :blush:
  13. neelam


    that be really awesome i got many drop with sun defence :facepalm: especially rings :fool: :mega_shok:
  14. i think now its time to learn russian language :wacko: :rofl: :rofl:
  15. unbind it :pleasantry: :rofl: :rofl:
  16. necros are awesome :blush: it like u just used a pot lol :drinks: the only problem is they lose some hp while healing :(
  17. wew from scratch don't mind but the quest are realy realy realy long lol. All you do is go from one town to another mostly and most funny part is every time you enter shop u find a yellow quest waiting for u :crazy: :wacko: :crazy: :wacko: :cray:
  18. lol i did it so many times today that i don't even remember its impossible :fool:
  19. does it really works?? :pleasantry:
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