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  1. respected hhahahaha neither was he nor r u "respected played" :rofl: he use to log analysis (ranger ) and buy him self crystals n runes out of his mcoins one day analy found out and changed his pass hahahaahha :rofl:
  2. u bring ur brab to pvp me n i ll clear thngs for ya ;) and wtf poor u was it me who was using others char in guild (sithlords) coz u cant affort unity pot and tht noob char had free ones :bad: and elmy was a big time scamer he would sell his chars get gold n report tht it is scamed hahahaha kid u make me feel sad for the guild u r in :facepalm:
  3. :cray: oh m so scared a nub is tryng his best to scare me whr is my tissue box waaan waan :rofl: .....#Loser :rofl:
  4. hahahah u newbes make me laugh ppl like u use pro players name to come into recognition :facepalm: and try grab others attention heres a advice quit with ur sister karthrinoob here will save ur time for making new post :lol:
  5. dude u got nothng to do here make ur own post i ll comment thr n ty for calling me evil witch i take tht as compliment hehe :blush: ;)
  6. fake n ugly thts all the word u knw? btw i remember how u came back asking for ur share in drops after getting kickd and u were askd to get lost tht was realy funny hahahaha :lol: u had no choice but to leave n move to mc :rofl: u got greedy and got kickd swallow tht truth O:-)
  7. bahahahahah ugly indian guya :rofl: u forgot how palladio kickd u out of the clan coz u r all greedy hahhaha look no one evn cares if u get lost i cn be racist too but but thn u ll have to learn english to understand it so i spare u ;D
  8. no one cares :lol: :rofl:
  9. Costumes are one of the important things to me in warspear and i wish that unlike troll costume the old and rare dresses like princess dress, witch dress, etc can also be found in hard lvl tower. I know some people got it from swamp but as we all know there are very few girl costumes in ratio to boy costumes in game hope you guys consider this post :give_rose:
  10. hehe i got ur ss toowant to see :blush: ?? And yea its a game many kill me i kill some but some ppl can't take defeat geeezzz :'( But u are cool alma i like u :good:
  11. neelam

    my pics

    it figured whn he is asking for mcoins :lol:
  12. its a good skill if u learn how to use it ;D But i really wish we had blind skill on druid hehe :blush:
  13. K.O.S. HAHAHAHAHAAHAH :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  14. he should be baned he uses foul language if you are a girl or not
  15. i am talking about the old dresses thy use to be in mshop like troll bit not any more
  16. all boy costumes :sorry: can we expect dresses like princess dress n witch dress in future ??? O:-)
  17. i lost my older chars but i think the ones i play now can also be called old
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