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  1. 1. You should be able to do satrap quest to enter

    2. It has mobs which revive quick

    3. Than those mushrooms

    4. Chances of drop

    5. Only boss for mc and elfs

    6. Boss uses fear

    7. 1.5m hp

    Idk if u still can call it "MINI BOSS"  :wacko:

  2. 1) arena tickets: remove them. Make earned

    arena points much lower. This way everyone can

    fight and you will probably have more online

    players i could make arena all day for fun İF it

    was free . there can be though, a vip room ör

    something for higher arena point but it costs to fight there.

    2)amplify: amplifying is really hard. Some people

    make +10 with very less signs but some spends

    hundreds and hundreds and get nothing

    amplify level could be on +100 for example that

    way your signs wouldnt go waste +100would be same as +10now but with the hundreds of

    signs we spend we could atleast get something

    for it (not +100 but maybe +95)

    3)miracle coins: they cost too much yes you

    make discounts all the time but its not really

    enough i think 0,99dollars for 150miracle coin would be nice İF it was regular price

    4)arena: it shouldnt give many guild points +10

    people always spams arena and wins easily.

    Working hard and questing killing powerfull

    bosses should be the main source of guild points

    5) guilds: too much reward for winners and hard to level up

    6)daily roulette: it can give gold miracle

    coin,miracle coin item arena point crimson

    corundum (mostly gold or worthless items)

    7) balance the classes. Many people complains

    about it. Happy player=good game Some classes are really powerfull i never played as one but

    barbarians are not really good. Necros and

    death knights too maybe.

    8) daily bonus when played 2 3 4 5 6 7 days in a row

      Please read this and consider it. Mods i hope

    you can show this to developers or something i

    dont know who is in charge. Somethıngs really need to change. dont be greedy you will earn

    more if you get more people to buy miracle coins

    and not just rich players.


    you mean u are officially telling them to reduce their profits and earn less money from player's??? :shok:
  3. read up properly i am askng them to put all notifications on the bottom of the screen and not covering the whole screen with em :unknw: how is that diffrent? And i already said i want to be notified but a small info will do no need for announcement

  4. To be very honest i like being notifed which of my friend in my list is on or off or what rare crafts r available or on BUT i think covering my whole screen with text and showing it as a huge announcement is not worth it.


    Maybe we can go back to a small info appearing on the bottom of the screen. I know i can turn it off but i want to be notifed who comes & goes off but don't want a huge notification covering my almost max part of my screen


    And also maybe we can turn off craft notification coz i dont think some of the players are even involved in crafting

    #Cheers  :drinks:

  5. GODSRANGE is a scamer he scamed my warlock unbreak(neely original name) he also borrowed 550k gold like a begger and never returned back he also stole some of my Halloween drops

    He also scamed crazyflames gt vest

    he first blamed it on palladio but got caught than he stared blaming some mythblade (unknown player to me)

    Now his new story is i scamed his some noob bow

    Опубликованное фото



  6. he is not as poor as yu :)it uselss talking to u ♥♥♥♥♥


    poor as me hahaha i use to pay his internet bills so he could play warspear hahaha nub u r loosing better get somethng good to say againt me ....#you need research  ;D
  7. respected hhahahaha neither was he nor r u "respected played"  :rofl: he use to log analysis (ranger ) and buy him self crystals n runes out of his mcoins one day analy found out and changed his pass hahahaahha

    cuz i amped my necro :facepalm: .

    Elmy was respected character  :facepalm:  it is u that makes fake stories..still angry with elm cuz he dumped u :facepalm:


  8. i forgot u r poor ..here come this tissue box..noob?huh ur druid so noob that it runs from my lvl 17 barb  :wacko: Well i cant blame the druid class...The owner is so poor and unskilled that she cant evn a noob player.. So unskilled..



    I just added you to ignore list..RIP Neelam



    You are so cheap that you make fake story about Elmy,he is a respected player and cuz you hate him(personally) u dont let him quit in peace  :facepalm:


    u bring ur brab to pvp me n i ll clear thngs for ya ;) and wtf poor u was it me who was using others char in guild (sithlords) coz u cant affort unity pot and tht noob char had free ones  :bad:

    and elmy was a big time scamer he would sell his chars get gold n report tht it is scamed hahahaha kid u make me feel sad for the guild u r in :facepalm:

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