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  1. Emos Raamas Hekyy In no particular order
  2. I been trying to download game from few days, I even sent a ticket to support..... I can't really download game on my lappy(Windows) it kinda downloads few mbs and shows download complete when i run it, it say error and says I have to get a fresh download link from provider please kindly solve my download issue
  3. happy that you guys give girls some nice new costumes after a long time
  4. i already did tht way ahead of u & even i wish they be back gm should think about us girls request
  5. no i dont -.- & I only took a look on this topic coz it was posted in us-sap server not "BR server" sir
  6. it sounds a good idea needs little work on this idea but its a good suggestion
  7. I agree with u 100% its rare costume agreed but our efforts time money means nothing?? 5 000 000+ players n 20-25 trolls per server only thats unfair
  8. you spend coin or gold on a seeker and you get good players in party with you, spend like 20 mins (minimum) and in the end all geting craft item,pots,sphere, etc its a good pinch and lets me remind you seekers are not cheap not gold wise nor mcoins wise. But yeah it has put an end to stealing boss & fighting for a boss..... Classic history of warspear farm is one who FARMS for long non stop gets drops (Its changed now)
  9. spent almost whole day in termitary heroic no troll this is just very sad and disappointing
  10. I just want know about how you guys feel about tower system please tell me how u guys feel about it and do give a reason if possible
  11. what about the trade chat in tlalocs town are you guys planning to fix tht too?? plus also some mobs in faceless cave are buged too
  12. Thank you for proving my point and showing how retarded you are as far as you are concerned princess you need to learn how to talk to a "real" girl
  13. And what you gona do if some other player gets bullyed like i was and show how arrogant they can be
  14. This happened few hours before tournament end.... I had my unity pot on i was finishing my cc quest "the strongest" in pvp cave and some elfs started ganking so we where killing them Later Elfs ganked iluvweed and i couldn't heal him because i got stunned by pallas skill and he just kicks me out of guild Doesn't matter if u spend your time, energy, money, gold, etc Nor just i didn't get tournament reward but when i try talking to the co leader "abuseolem" he uses abusive word on me Not making an issue out here just want players of us-sapphire to be informed They don't care about players, Infact they make you donate tickets and stuff to guild and don't even Invite you I just found out why people call them with other name that matches to their guild name
  15. well thr are many posts moved or locked so i guess somethng is realy wrong nothng personal #Roland&legion
  16. sadly they dont care they just want suck our money
  17. can we except lady dress or witch dress or other dress and i am taking about the old costumes the dress set
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