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  1. i see many old friends of mine during Halloween and Christmas event only
  2. omg Mj awesome the best one i seen till now hope you win coz i want to try this boss
  3. hahahahaha...... its really a great contest everyone should give it a try
  4. i will agree coz really do ppl prefer priest over druid because of aura and tears but again its all your personal ability how you play how you manage when your in the tower coz trust me being the only healer in the party is not a easy thing specially when all are getting attacked at the same time and all need heal need quick decisions etc but is fun priest or druid #personal-experience
  5. your missing a point here i agree using links needs another person but 1. That other player aint cosing you any harm 2. its not other players skill its druids own skill and he is using it for himself 3. its just a skill that druids use as 2nd healing option idk get why its a huge problem here
  6. i am ready any time he is a good friend and adding his name to list be good thing too and glad that you understand signs
  7. lol thank you for taking my druid name idk what sleeper means BUT my druid is more of farm build than pvp but i still give hard time to those who pvp me and seriously i have done stuff with my druid than many of you havent and i am so sure when achievement system arrives my point will be proved till than thank you for loving me and haters........
  8. lol 2v1 link works that way if u dont know how it works than u say things that makes no sense like 2v1
  9. if a druid spends his or her skill points on link skill i dont see why they should not use it even if its pvp & really i dont understand why isnt it fair to use links??
  10. the best tour in us sap specially the last 6 hours huge changes good job all
  11. play more chitchat less :P

  12. you guys should give elfs skill just like stealth and blind but good changes not much of a big update but its cool ^(o_o)^
  13. ok i am facing a problem again with chat option... Its when my screen is on private massage and after i reply my pm and change the chat screen to guild chat or trade chat or anyother chat the player i last sent pm to his/her name stays it doesn't go away after changing chat screen please can you look into it..
  14. crazy sexy :* i so love the idea i was wondering about achievements "system" and its finally here it will be great adventure time for everyone in warspear. Also i had a question... if we do complete these achievements how will others see it??.. will there be some stars nex to my name or some kinda symbols or special titles will be alotted like we have guild name as title now below our names
  15. for me the biggest change was when astral removed from all staffs Congrats on the number (6000000) but i belive its a small number more addition will be soon in near future to 6m players And also i am excited to see the adventures coming in future Best of Luck my favorite Game
  16. mmm... I am facing a issue with pc version 4.7.3 the pm screen is scrolling to top on its own which is making me scroll down again n again to read the new pms can you guys please cheack into it
  17. it was my best day in ws #Happy..... had issue with the lags and game crashing so i guess need to fix that...... i don't really think population matters specialy talking about us server many mcs jst gave up and thats why elfs could win.... all i am saying that mcs din't really put much efforts And yes last but not least thank you this is the best update i just love wars ^_- sad coz some friends missed it #TimeIssue but can't wait for next one and also had a request if we could heal the banner ^^...... rest all good ty @}-
  18. i believe the population ratio of players on elf side is more than that of mc.......... in consideration to that 56% is not that bad #nerd
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